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    Getting others on board

    Ahh, that's who it is. I knew it had to be one of TDs dreary duo, cyrille or chas. The clue was in the username of course. Chas needs a good kick in the

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    Getting others on board

    One likes discussing politics and another likes good literature...

    And another likes choking cats with cheese?


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    Why do Thais like noise so much

    It's weird how they'll shout to each other even though they're stood next to each other. They seem to have no self-awareness. These rice monkeys are more

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    Boon Mee

    Getting others on board

    OK chassmui - you were a pain in the ass on TD and now you've brought your failed 'wit' over here?

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    Getting others on board

    Another one with a high post count, desperate for attention with no real point, apart from, look at me, aren't I interesting?
    Answer, no, you are

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