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06-01-2015, 09:52 PM
82 Court Officials saved from sinking Pattaya Island Ferry

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On Sunday Evening a ferry disaster was avoided thanks to a quick response from other boats and the emergency services following reports that a Pattaya Island Ferry was sinking off the Coast of Larn Island.
The ferry is the “Pattara 7” which offers a daily shuttle service between Pattaya and Larn Island, situated 4kms off the coast of Pattaya. A group of 82 Court officials from Buri Ram Province in the North-East of Thailand had spent the day on Larn Island and had been picked-up from Tawean Beach.
It was reported the ferry struck a rock and began taking on water as the ferry sailed past Thong Lang Beach on the Island and was only minutes into its estimated 45 minute journey back to Pattaya. Luckily other boats in the area were able to offer immediate assistance to those on-board and no reports of any injuries to anyone on the ferry were reported.
It was later revealed by the Pattaya Harbor Authority that the boats previous name was Koh Larn Travel 7, which had previously sunk and caused injuries to its passengers. A similar boat from the same company, the Koh Larn Travel 1 ferry, sunk in November 2013 causing 6 deaths and over 100 injuries. The name of the ferry in Sunday’s incident was changed after the accident to “Pattara 7” by the owner of the boat.
A full investigation into the marine accident is now underway.

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Pattaya Island Ferry Engine Fire, 102 Chinese Tourists escape unhurt

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The 2nd ferry incident in 48 hours occurred in the middle of Pattaya Bay at 1.30pm on Monday as a fire occurred in the engine room of a Pattaya Island ferry carrying 102 Chinese Tourists.
A major emergency was declared which triggered responses by the Royal Thai Navy, Pattaya Sea Rescue Unit and any boats in the vicinity. A total of 10 boats were on-scene within minutes of the first reports of fire on the ferry.
The boat called “Lung Orawan 2” was evacuated and everyone was accounted for, including the crew and 102 Chinese Tourists who were travelling from Pattaya to Larn Island.
Some of the crew members remained on-board and quickly brought the fire under-control. The captain of the vessel, Khun Somyot aged 47, blamed the extremely high temperatures being experienced in Pattaya at this time for overheating his engine.
The boat was impounded by the Navy and a full inspection and repairs will take place before the boat is allowed to return to service.
This is the 2nd incident at sea in 48 hours and we understand that detailed inspections of all passenger ferries will take place within the next 12 hours in an effort to reassure tourists and others that use the ferries that they are safe to use.

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06-02-2015, 12:57 AM
Are there any ferry boats left?

06-02-2015, 02:17 AM
Apparently many boats will catch fire as it does tend to get hot in Thailand :socal: