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Getting Married In Thailande


  • Getting Married In Thailand

    Getting Married in Thailand - To Register Or Not

    Here are your Three options:

    Option 1: Have a wedding ceremony and register the marriage legally at the local Amphur Office.

    The Ceremony
    (videos below)

    The Thai wedding ceremony includes lots of rituals, monks blessing the event, a dowry given, the whole village showing up and lots of Loa Khao and beer being consumed by Thai people you have never seen before and will probably never see again!.

    Registering at the Amphur Office

    Registering the marriage registration makes the union legal in Thailand and the marriage is also recognized by many countries. Registering the marriage will pave the way for the foreigner to live in Thailand with his Thai bride or get the ball rolling if he wants to relocate her to his home country. Both will come with hoops and juggling acts to get done. The Thai hoops may include weird questions about your life together and submitting embarrassing photos of you in a Thai house sitting on a bed together or in front of the house pointing at the address. To resettle your wife to your country she may be asked if she ever4 engaged in prostitution, sex trafficking or terrorist bomb making!

    Conditions for Marriage

    1. Parties must at least be 17 years old
    a. If both parties are minors, they must seek parental consent. Under special circumstances, the court may issue an order allowing persons below 17 years old to marry
    2. Parties must not be insane or incompetent to enter into marriage
    3. Parties must not be related by blood in the direct ascending or descending line, or be brothers or sisters in full or half blood
    4. The adopted parent cannot marry his/her adopted child
    5. Parties must be free to marry or without any subsisting marriage For widows and divorcees, a subsequent marriage may only be entered into 310 days after their husband’s death or termination of the divorce proceedings. This special eligibility requirement is dispensed with when:
    1. A child is born during such period;
    2. A divorced couple remarries;
    3. A court order exists allowing the woman to get married; or
    4. A certificate from a qualified doctor stating that the woman is not pregnant is obtained

    Requirements for Marriage

    Marriage may only be celebrated when the following are present: For Thai nationals:
    1. House Registration Certificate
    2. Proof of death of previous spouse or divorce decree, if applicable
    3. National ID Card

    For Foreigners:
    1. Certificate of Freedom to Marry also known as a "single" paper
    2. Translated copy of the certificate of Freedom to Marry
    3. Death Certificate of the former spouse, if applicable
    4. Divorce Decree of the spouse’s previous marriage, if applicable
    5. Copy of passport
    6. Copy of arrival card

    Option 2: The Village Ceremony Minus the Registration Hassles

    This option is just the ceremony as results in the family and people that live in your Thai lady's village recognizing the wedding as being legitimate, but the Thai government, nor any other country will recognize the union. This will not help you be allowed to stay in Thailand. It is good enough for a foreigner who is on a retirement VISA, working or teaching in Thailand or is only part time in Thailand. The benefit to this route is either party can do a runner and no formal divorce is needed! For full details on the ceremony part, read option 1 above, but pay no attention to the part about registering the marriage!

    Option 3: Elope

    The two of you need to run away from your lady's family and just go register the marriage without a party of dowry. I know of several lucky farangs that were able to do this, but is not all that common. Most Thai girlfriends and their families will see this as a loss of face and demand the drunken ceremony with a full dowry! See option 1 to learn about the registering the marriage, but skip part about the ceremony.

    Amphur Offices in Thailand

    These are the most common district offices in Thailand. The Bangrak District Office outside of Bangkok has been rated over the years as the friendliest office for foreigners (farang friendly) to register their marriages at. There are a number of Amphur offices in Thailand and these are the most common offices in Thailand in the tourist areas of Thailand.

    Amphur Bangkok:
    Khet Pathumwan Registration Office:
    216/1 Chula 7, Kwang-Mai, Bangkok 10330
    Tel: 02-214-3004

    Khet Prakhanong Registration Office:
    1792 Sukhunvit Soi 54, Kwang, Bangjak, Bangkok 10250
    Tel: 02-311-1107

    Khet Bangrak Registration Office:
    5 Nares Road, Kwang Siphraya, Bangkok 10500
    Tel: 02-236-1395

    Amphur Chiang Mai:
    Amphur Mung Chiang Mai Registration Office:
    36 Intavarorot Road, Tambon Sri-Poom, Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai 50000
    Tel: (053)22- 016

    Amphur Pattaya:
    Amphur Banglamung Registration Office:
    Moo 2, Sukhumvit Rd., Tambon Na Klua, Amphur Banglamung, Chonburi 20150
    Tel: (038) 443-020

    Amphur Phuket:
    Amphur Mung Phuket Registration Office:
    Mae-Larn Road, Tambon Talardyai, Amphur Muang, Phuket 83000
    Tel: (076)211-171

    Amphur Samui:
    Amphur Koh Samui Registration Office:
    Taweeraj Pakdee Road, Tambon Angtong, Amphur Koh Samui, Surat Thani 84140
    Tel: (077) 420- 372/420-373

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      2. Parties must not be insane or incompetent to enter into marriage
      A certificate of competence should be a requirement, for such foolishness is self evident.

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      Nice. Now one on getting divorced would naturally follow.

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      Originally posted by Norton
      Nice. Now one on getting divorced would naturally follow.
      A helpful reference work for newbies nonetheless.

      Your conclusion shows commendable logic. Statistics might help.
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