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Sony FDR X 3000 R Action Camera - Best Helmet Camera?


  • Sony FDR X 3000 R Action Camera - Best Helmet Camera?

    Best Biker Action Camera?

    Riding a motorcycle requires your undivided attention with just a few inches of rubber keeping you on your bike. And tires are designed with safety in mind for grip and stopping power. Equally, manufacturers of motorcycle accessories from GPS to action cameras try to keep things as easy and straightforward as possible to keep your attention on the road. For adventure or insurance, which helmet cam can you rely on?
    A Cornered Market

    Three manufacturers stand out from the rest for motorcycle use: GoPro, Drift and Sony.
    GoPro, the market leader and the dudesfavourite have cornered just about every aspect of the action camera scene. Clever marketing and a very good product have caught the attention of surfers, adrenaline junkies and bikers alike. GoPro has since come a long way from the Woodman Labs era, and while not the first action camera to capture the first-person action, they certainly influenced the market we see today.
    GoPro perfectly timed their explosion into the extreme sports world as the World Rally Championship (WRC) gave us on-board views that amazed TV viewers, the rush of downhill skiing and fear - . But like many other manufacturers in other industries, the timing was their key to success,
    But lets forget surfing, skiing or scuba diving for a second, and let us focus on the all-Sony FDR X 3000 R Action Camera

    The Sony FDR X 3000 R requires 3 adjustment for setting up. Threaded nut to secure the camera. Tilting hinge to level it left to right and a rotating pad to lift and lower front image.

    The Drift has a single, screwed clamp. Once the desired angle is selected, the rotating lens makes setup easy and complete withing seconds.
    Below, Sony's push wedge still doesn't secure the camera firmly enough.

    In contrast, the Drift Ghost-S is miles ahead in this area with a simple screw-mounted bracket which clicks into the pad with a rotating lens for picture alignment. There are no pivot points or elbow joints in the helmet mounting system. Setup takes 15 seconds or less.
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