• One Expat Makes $50 to $75 Per Hour Working From His Bangkok Condo

    The other day I had long lunch with an American expat that is enjoying the easy life in the heart of Bangkok working around 15 to 20 hours a week from the comfort of his condo in Thong Lor. He makes $50 to $75 an hour and he sets his own hours. He says he averages over $500 to $800 US dollars a week and has had several high weeks over $1000. Not only are his hours flexible, but he is able to work anywhere that has a decent internet connection. He was telling me about a nice week long beach trip he had to Krabi . He said he still managed to make a cool $1300 during that 7 days and spent most of his time on the beach and touring the city.

    What is doing? I can tell you this much - he is not tutoring Thais in English at his house, working in a boil room pushing phony investments an he is definitely not punching some company clock.

    He spends his work hours creating Facebook fan pages for companies, websites and individuals that want to have a web presence on Facebook. He conducts his Thailand based at home business on a Skype account that has a US number with a plan that allows him to call American landlines and mobile phones. Of course he uses email and instant messaging to communicate with his clients as well.

    He started out finding jobs on project contract sites and his rates vary because sometimes he has to split the fees with a middleman that finds him work. However, most of his business comes from word of mouth from customers he has built the fan pages for. He has even had a few people that have him administrate and maintain their fan pages.

    He has built so many fan pages that he can knock out each project in a very short time which maximizes his hourly profits. He noted that it was nice to wake up in the morning and find emails requesting his service as well as Paypal paid notifications from clients that have decided to use him to build their fan page. He is now planning on expanding his services by offering website design, Power Point creation and graphic design.

    Of course, to do this sort of at home business in Thailand, you will need some basic programming skills, know graphics and also be able to build a clientele that will result in referrals. You will also need a decent internet connection and computer.
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