• Kinnaree Restaurant Sukhumvit Soi 8 Bangkok

    If you are looking for an elegant, but traditional Thai meal, then you might want to drop by the Kinnaree Restaurant Sukhumvit Soi 8 in Bnagkok. You are going to spend a bit more than you would at a street corner noodle stall, but you will find the service and food at Kinnaree Restaurant is worth it. A dinner for two can run over 3000 baht with appetizers, drinks, the main course, deserts and of course a tip. Although you may consider forgoing the tip since there already is a 10% service charge factored into the bill already.

    We started off with 2 appetizers - Goong Grabuang (Shrimp in a deep fried pastry) and Thung Tong (Golden bags of chicken. Our main course was roasted duck in a coffee bean sauce and Pa Nang Moo (Spicy curry with pork) served with white Jasmine rice. The curry was extremely delicious, but the duck was a bit dry. We had decided to go with duck based on the server's recommendation. It may have been an off night and I wish I had chosen another dish.

    The servers were all friendly and attentive, which made the dining experience pleasant. The appetizers and main course meals were served at the same time which can sometimes be a problem at restaurants in Thailand. Often items, one plate comes and several minutes later another plate arrives. This leaves the people dining with the decision to start eating before others get their food, or to wait on the over plates to make it to the table.

    Partway during our meal, a lovely Thai lady entertained us by playing the Thai traditional instrument knows as a Khim (photo below). The tasty food, the wonderful service, the live entertainment and the traditional decor of the Kinnaree Restaurant make for an enjoyable and relaxing dinner in the Sukmumvit area of Bangkok. Our meal with VAt and the service charge was around 200 baht.