• An Inexpensive Start Up Business in Thailand That Makes 100,000 to 200,000 baht a month

    Over the last several years I have met a large number of farangs doing one business with their wife that legally on average pulls in 100,000 to 200,000 baht a month with very little investment. Some of the foreigners I know set up a company with this business model, while many more are running it under the radar and have their Thai wife or girlfriend handle the day to day operations. When doing this business without setting up a company and having a work permit, it is extremely important for the farang to conduct any involvement out of the public in the privacy of his home. This business can be run by the farang's counterpart as a home business and any bank transactions can be done to her personal account. If you want to make the company look more professional, you can set up a sole proprietorship at the local Department of Business Development so you can have a bank account showing the company name for bank transactions. The cost to set this up is around 1000 baht.

    So, I am sure you are asking yourself, "What is this big money business?" An online dating and match making site for Thai women looking to meet foreigner boyfriends or husbands. There are so many Thai girls that are hoping to meet a nice farang man that the men I know that run these services routinely turn away 25% or more of the girls that apply. Some expats living in Thailand will call this service a scam and I can tell you that these guys will be negative about any sort of business venture in Thailand. They do not have the confidence to try and make money in Thailand and spend all their time bashing the farangs that have the courage to give business in Thailand a go. Also, the farangs I know in this business say it saves the girl from the clutches of Pattaya, Patpong, Soi Cowboy and other places where some Thai women think they have to go to have a chance at love with a foreigner.

    So what is the investment to start an online matchmaking / dating service in Thailand? Not a whole lot actually. Of course, you can go all out and have a new dating website built for around 30,000 baht (US$1000), but what will that accomplish? It will probably be years, if ever, before you get any real Google rankings. You might spend a lot of money on banner ads on other Thai sites or pay per click ads, but that is just more expense. You also will be competing with a whole lot of established sites that have been around for years. What do the farangs that run this business do? They realized that on most dating sites, women get to sign up for a full account for free and the man pays for his account. They use dating sites such as http://www.thailovelinks.com/, http://www.dateinasia.com/ , and other established dating sites that target Thailand and farangs looking for Thai spouses. They let these sites fork out for the hosting, webmaster costs and pay per click ad costs and just rake in the money from the matchmaking service they provide. Many of them use http://bangkok.craigslist.co.th/ for free as well. They revealed that an girl's online membership on any of these sites will get 100's of serious responses from men seeking love with Thai ladies if the girl is somewhat attractive and has a decent profile. These responses usually come within the 1st 24 hours of uploading the profile. The men that respond are quite happy to find out that the profile is not a fake or some scam. So, your investment is time and the cost of internet and the purchase of a laptop or personal computer. Most of these men already had the computers and the internet, so the only investment they had was printing out fliers to pass out to advertise their service. They paid Thais to pass out fliers in markets and in busy areas and got hundreds of interested ladies calling every week.

    How do they make money by using an existing dating site? They do not ever respond to men that show interest that they are a matchmaker and ask him to pay for the service. They never even let the man know they are helping the girl find a man or that she is paying for the service. They have the Thai girl pay an initial application fee of 500 to 1000 baht to get started. Once the responses pour in, they charge the women 5000 baht to see the feedback and choose a group of men to correspond with. Some matchmaking agencies limit the group of men to 10 or 20 as any more than that would be overwhelming. After that the women pays a fee for each email that is translated and written which seems to be around 50 baht. In time some of these men will stop writing, some will keep in contact and some plan a trip to Thailand to meet the girl. At that point the girl must pay the fee to be introduced to the man. This fee is anywhere from 20,000 baht to 30,000 baht and all of the people we know in this business allow the girls to meet 2 to 4 men depending on the fee. All of them allowed them to meet additional men after the first 2 to 4 for around 5000 baht until they found love or give up. The Thai wife or girlfriend that handles all the public work always goes with the girl to meet the man for the first time to make sure the girl is safe and there are no problems.

    Doing the math, from the reports we got were that after the matchmakers got well known, around 6 women a month paid the fee to meet men. With the application fee of 1000 baht, the feedback fee of 5000 baht, an average email writing fee of 5000 baht and the final fee to meet the man (low end) of 20,000 baht - the average revenue from each matchmaking was 31,000 baht x 6 women adding up to around 186,000 baht a month.

    Is the market for this business saturated or can it be done any where in Thailand? According to the men that run these services, this business not only can be run in every province, but also in nearly every village. There are women all over Thailand wishing they could find love with a foreigner. There are countless others that hear about these services and decide they want a farang too.

    What are the risks and drawbacks to running a matchmaking service? The investment is little to nothing and the money is big. Although the people we know in this business have never had a problem, you could get complaints if the women do not find a husband or boyfriend. The info we received is to have a detailed contract that each applicant must sign that states the match making company can never guarantee love and marriage for everyone and best efforts is all that can be promised. So what percentage of women find love and marriage through these matchmaking agencies? We are told that about 50% end up married to a man they met on the service and another 30% end up in long term dating situations. This leaves about 20% of women being unsuccessful in their search for love. We have a sample copy of one of the contracts for our premium members. If you would like a copy of the contract please request by email to info@thailandchatter.com

    Needed for this business: Internet, a PC or laptop, a contract, fliers and a Thai that is a decent English speaker that can help with translations.

    Of course we always recommend that you set up a legitimate company and obtain a work permit before doing business in Thailand. However if you choose to do this business under the radar, like 20 or 30 matchmakers we know that have been doing this for years, then make sure you, as the farang are never seen working in public. Have your Thai partner handle everything public and you can do work on your computer in the privacy of your home.
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