• German Tourist Stabbed to Death on Koh Samui

    After living in Thailand for so long, I have come to the realization that no matter how many expats tell me they feel safer in Thailand than their home country, that Thailand is still a dangerous country. Year after year, I have read news articles about foreigners in Thailand being robbed, beaten, stabbed, shot, poisoned, and yes, even dismembered. The latest news report is about a German tourist, 49- year-old Gleich Thomas, being stabbed to death on Koh Samui.

    Thomas was found lying next to a brand new motorcycle on Chaweng-Cherngmont Road in Tambon Bo Phut. His body had three knife wounds to his head and on both sides of his ribs. There was also bruising on his body.

    Apparently, robbery was not the motive, as his wallet was found in his pocket and it still contained 4,000 baht cash, four credit cards and an international driving permit. Police believe he was involved in a bar fight and then tried to escape on his motorcycle before he crashed the bike.
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      Panama Hat -
      . . . paradise . . . beautiful, pleasant people . . .
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      Hugh Cow -
      Oh well at least it was a different island for a change. Koh Tao "suicides" were getting a tad tedious.
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      Some years later...