• Making Money In Thailand - Out With the New and In with the Old

    There is one hot thing that all the Thai girls and women seem to be spending loads of  Thai baht on these days in Thailand.There is one hot thing that all the Thai girls and women seem to be spending loads of Thai baht on these days in Thailand. I know 2 farangs that have set themselves up with a real nice continual stream of income by financing their wives in this type of online business.

    Right now in Thailand, the big clothing craze is vintage wear ranging from the 1950's to the 1970's. Females around Thailand are spending big money every day to get classic looking clothes from past eras. They are buying up skirts, dresses, pants, hats and accessories from the past and you can cash in on this trend.

    The two farangs I know have set up Facebook stores for their wives so there is no hefty website design or hosting fees to invest in when funding this venture. They have helped their spouses source the clothing and accessories and post them on facebook. Of course they have also financed the initial costs of buying the stock they are selling, but according to both of them, the payout for product did not last long. They both told me that the money coming in was a rather quick return on their investment and that both ventures were paying for themselves in a very short time. The Thai shoppers transfer money to their wife's bank account to purchase products and pay for the shipping of the items. Once the funds are received and verified that they are in the account, the wife then heads over to the post office and ships the items.

    How much money are these farangs and their wives making on this at home business? One claims to be making around 50,000 baht a month in profit and the other, who has been at it a bit longer says he is pulling in a cool 70,000 baht or more every month. Both state that their is little work involved other than sourcing and buying of products, posting them on Facebook, checking and verifying payments and a once a day trip to the local post office to ship items.

    The two men feel that the market for these items will continue to be high for the next few years. However, once demand wains, they both say they will just move on to whatever is the hot new thing in Thailand. Then they will source whatever that is, set up new Facebook store and start making money on those items.
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