• Bueng Kan Province (Thai: บึงกาฬ)

    Bueng Kan Province (Thai: บึงกาฬ) is located in the northeastern region of Thailand. It is the 76th province of Thailand, and was established on March 23 2011. Bueng Kan consists of the districts partitioned off Nong Khai Province and borders the Makong River and Bolikhamsai Province of Laos. There are eight districts in Bueng Kan : Muaeng Bueng Kan, Pak Khat, So Phisai, Si Wilai, Phon Charoen, Seka, Bueng Khong Long, and Bung Khla. Bueng Kan features waterfalls, mountains, and other tourist attractions.
    Bueng Kan has become the biggest rubber producer in the northeastern region with 1.2 million rai worth of rubber plantations and the location on the largest rubber pillow and mattress top factory in Thailand.
    The provincial seal of Bueng Kan, Thailand has a depiction of Phu Thok, which is a mountain in
    Si Wilai District, an Isaan
    language name meaning "Lonely Mountain". The provincial flower and tree is Bauhinia sirindhorniae K. and S.S. Larsen.

    In 1994, it was proposed that the province of Bueng Kan be established as a new province. The proposal was tabled for nearly 20 years, until 2010 when the Ministry of Interior introduced the idea again, and on February 7, 2011, the National Assembly approved the bill.

    How to Get There:

    There is regular bus service to Nong Khai every day. To travel by car from Bangkok, take Highway 1, past Saraburi and switch to Highway 2, via Nakhon Ratchasima, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Nong Khai to Bueng Kan, totalling 750 km. There are flights to Udon Thani or Nakhon Phanom, and travel to Bueng Kan can be continue by bus, taking approximatelky 2 hours. There is train service from Bangkok to Nong Khai every day, and travel to Bueng Kan can be continue by bus, taking approximatelky 2 hours.

    Bueng Kan Hotels, Resorts and Guesthouses

    Trip advisor, Agoda and even Airbnb offer a wide variety of
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