• Chiang Rai Singha International Balloon Fiesta 2019

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    1. S Landreth's Avatar
      S Landreth -
      Valentine’s Day

      Couples can register to marry and afterwards take a ride in a balloon (untethered). It seemed most if not all the couples enjoyed the ceremony. They sure got a lot of attention (family/media).

      After the ceremony we went by the White Temple. It has been years since our last visit and the surrounding area has changed quite a bit.

      For dinner we visited Chivit Thamma Da for the first time. I did forget to mention (below) that the restaurant does attract a nice younger crowd and serves good food.

      Quote Originally Posted by S Landreth View Post
      Valentines dinner with whatshername

      Hers: Sea Bass, rice, curry and the appetizer was raw shrimp. Dessert – creme brulee
      Mine: Sea Bass, mashed potatoes and vegetables. Dessert – chocolate cake

      Nice place: http://www.chivitthammada.com/page/cafe/index_cafe.html
    1. Palace's Avatar
      Palace -
      Nice pics!

      What was the entry fee to enter the park, and did you go up in a balloon?
    1. S Landreth's Avatar
      S Landreth -
      3rd and 4th Day

      If you plan right (register early enough) you can take an untethered ride in a balloon. I didn’t, but…..

      After her flight we returned to the resort and later back for the evening events (balloon competition/concert/light show)

      On the 4th day out we went up the Mae Kok River from the Chaing Rai Pier and ended the day at Melt in your Mouth.

      Mae Kok rapids ……

      What is wrong with these people?

      dinner was at Melt in your Mouth

      Quote Originally Posted by S Landreth View Post
      Last night with some guests…

      Only one picture because we were with others.
      Hers (pictured): Khao Soi Salmon
      Mine: Roasted chicken pasta with basil
      Others: I don’t remember but the younger ones enjoy their pizza.

      "Melt in your Mouth" - Chiangrai: https://www.facebook.com/pg/meltinyo...=page_internal

      Excellent food, nice atmosphere and the service was wonderful
      Quote Originally Posted by Palace View Post
      What was the entry fee to enter the park.....
      The “Pass” you see in the opening post cost 400 baht per person for all 5 days. That pass is good for every afternoon event (Concert/Balloon competition/Parking) and can be purchased online. The ticket will be delivered to you within a few days of the start of the event. You can also purchase a ticket (at the parking area) for 100 baht per person on the day of each event.

      Quote Originally Posted by Palace View Post
      .....did you go up in a balloon?
      No. I’ve seen the youtube videos, Hot Air Balloons vs Power Lines. I had expressed my concerns to whatshername but she went up anyway. After entering the basket the pilot told his guests not to touch certain items (https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...otairpro&hl=en). I was impressed that the pilot was able to take them a couple kilometers away and come back to set down within 100 meters from where they started.
    1. vendetta4real's Avatar
      vendetta4real -
      Wow, very beautiful pics! The ones of the balloons at night is my fave. I've been to the white temple (Wat Rong Khun) near Chiang Rai when they were just about finished the front where the hands come up from the ground. I see they've added quite a lot since i was there in 2007 or 2008. It is absolutely stunning to see it in person.
    1. S Landreth's Avatar
      S Landreth -
      Last day at the park to find out who won the balloon competition. Last event……

      The target.

      Never found out who won.

      While in Chiang Rai we stayed at The Legend. It is a nice place along the river. When whatshername booked the room (5 months out) it was the last room available out of 76 rooms in the resort. We got lucky.


      It was a nice getaway for a few days and I would suggest going to others who might be curious about balloons.
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