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    As we know we can often function and feel normal even though very little of our liver is left.

    I've known a couple people that passed away in the late 40s and early 50s b/c of not taking care of their liver.

    With this technology, a Fibroscan can tell us where we are at and what we need to do.

    LWO Community strong!

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    10 Signs

    LWO Community strong!


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      A very informative and brief video by Dr. Berg on what your feet are telling you about your liver.

      LWO Community strong!


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        I watched this. Who knew you could tell so much about your liver from looking at your feet!

        I do have problems but more to do with OOS. Have just got over blister problems & I've dealt with it by going for top of the line running shoes rather than the usual mid range in the hope the better quality will fix the problem, I have upgraded to the Asic Gel-Nimbus 23



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