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  • Dreams Do Come True

    ...for the demented baboon who wrote this review apparently:

    54160df6e05c8439faea4e6085a1960a.jpgKFC Is Selling A Taco With A Shell Made Out Of Fried Chicken Because Dreams Do Come True

    Kristin Salaky

    KFC continues to render the laws of typical food irrelevant. First, the brand made a sandwich with fried chicken for buns (ah, the Double Down...), recently it made chicken sandwich with donuts for buns, and now, at least in Singapore, it's innovating in a way we never saw coming: a taco with a fried chicken "shell."

    Since it was announced earlier this month, people have been flocking to KFC to give it a taste. So far the reviews have been pretty positive, though some are still confused by the concept, which, fair! One person raved that they "might be in love," while another conceded that it was "surprisingly not terrible." We'll take it!

    If you want to give it a try for yourself, you can pick one up in Singapore for $5.95 and $7.95 for a meal, according to TodayOnline. It's not clear exactly how long it'll be sticking around but as it's been out for about a month, I'd get on it quickly.

    This isn't the only amazing thing KFC Singapore has cooking up. According to its Instagram, it's also selling FRIED CHICKEN SKIN, which is a dream of dreams.

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    Speaking of bSnub's dreams...
    Right up his alley.


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      Well if they really wanna copy Asians, why don't they go the full hog and sell chicken feet?


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        Originally posted by sabang View Post
        Well if they really wanna copy Asians, why don't they go the full hog and sell chicken feet?
        ...claws clipped, deep-fried and rolled in crunchy bits, served toes up: yum!...


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