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Company in Thailand that powder coats rebar for concrete construction?

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  • Company in Thailand that powder coats rebar for concrete construction?

    Does anyone know of a company in Thailand that powder coats rebar for concrete construction? Every construction crew I see working with rebar is putting either uncoated reabr or rusty rebar in place for concrete pouring. With time the reabr will rust away to nothing which will weaken the structure. Normally back home they sand blast the rebar, spray it with a powder coat and run the rebarr through a furnace too cure the powder. This prevents the steel from rusting.

    Thanks for any info!

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    Seems a very good method, where was this done? was in the construction business for 30 years , only wire brushed the steel before concreting in UK I see a 12x12 pier I did fifteen years ago at home has just blown (reinforcing not enough cover) in one place, sorry I cannot help you but had to comment.


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      I also would like to know where this was done ?

      Rebar totally encapsulated in concrete will see you out , most likely see your children out also .

      Seen too many highrises built some at a lot closer view point than is entertaining and have never seen nor heard up to now of powder coating rebar .


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        Never seen that method in Canada?


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          Now I would go withcoupling rebar with mechanically pressed steel couplers, it's thebest method for concrete construction. it also increases thespeed of the construction greatly and reduces the cost for good. Ithink that's the best option to go for nowadays, considering theprocess of construction can easily be monitored and the breakingstrength would even increase…
          Then again, it's allowed in anykind of structures, like industrial buildings. I would recommend,considering they have great portfolio and are interested in workingabroad.


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            After a bunch of drama, I gave up.