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Weed barriers / woven landscaping cloth in Thailand

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  • Weed barriers / woven landscaping cloth in Thailand

    Do they have weed barriers / woven landscaping cloth for sale in Thailand? I want to put in a gravel driveway at the farm and want to put the weed barrier down to keep the greens from growing threw the stone. Have any of you used that before? Is it effective?

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    Additional questions:

    Would you rent a back hoe to skim the grass away or would you pay some Thais to do it by hand?

    What size stone should I use?

    Thanks for your responses.


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      remove top soil ,

      lay road base ,

      compact .

      top with 10 mm aggerate .

      remember to crown the road so as to run the water off .


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        Thanks, all that I can get done. I can't seem to find any weed barrier to put down to keep the weeds from growing. Maybe Thais do not bother with weed barrier sheets so it is not available in Thailand.


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