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    [QUOTEsterile environment][/QUOTE] you should contact the Colnel packdee tong on, he has a mush room farm in saraburi he is the go to man for all things mushroom and has kit for sterilization of mushroom compost growing media, he generates his own varieties of mushroom spore as well he is a gentle man.


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      I don't like beans,
      I don't like toast.
      I don't like Brittle's Sunday Roast.

      Don't like greyish
      sloppy gruel,
      That makes them nostalgic,
      it makes them drool.

      Tasteless bland dishes with nary a spice,
      Not fit for a starving young family of mice.

      No toads in their holes
      no dull jammy rolls,
      No offal old haggis,
      I'd rather eat maggots.

      Bubbles and squeak
      leftover from last week
      The kitchen must reek
      with foods these freaks seek.

      Its all quite hideous,
      just take your pick,
      a plate of insidious
      old spotted dick.

      Of course I'm just playing,
      some Brit food appeals
      Not all of it's wretched,
      I don't miss many meals.


      Beans -- good.
      Toast -- good.
      Why the thought of putting them together is viewed as a culinary stroke of genius is a bit beyond comprehension. FFS it's just beans and toast.

      Nice pics of the mushroom farm. It seems a high-yield, low-maintenance operation. Here's an idea -- mushrooms on toast -- you can be famous!
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        Toad in the hole, bubble n squeak (a good one), haggis. I'm drooling.


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          Originally posted by Texpat View Post
          FFS it's just beans and toast.


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            Hate beans! Especially baked beans gag at the thought. Miss little from England, it has grown into something I do not understand, Ireland I miss a little more. The food and beer is the only high light for me. So what do I remember from my youth and odd visits back.

            I love good "English cheese" A good Ale good Lancashire Pies and Pasties. Yorkshire Pud roast, Irish Stew (lamb of Course)

            (Candy dried salmon, Halibut, Cod,) CaNADA WEST COAST)

            Tukey (free range)

            Lots of Thai fruit and foods.


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              It's been 10 days since the first rows were made and the first day's picking yielded B1200. I am still waiting for the pics from my niece but getting on-line is not a simple matter....

              The BIL has also finished up the 4 tons of compost to complete 7 rows. Time will tell if the venture ends successfully; a useable working profit and a decent vegetable plot.


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                Tomatoes on toast are good. The peeled, canned plum ones., normally used for spaghetti sauce.


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                  I would of thought that they make the toast a tad too soggy.


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                    Those tinned plum tomatoes are excellent, heated up and added to bacon butties. Not so happy when they are served alone on toast though....much better as part of a full breakfast.