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Hot Water Tank or Power Shower?

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  • Hot Water Tank or Power Shower?

    I am not sure which to go for in the new bathroom so thought I'd ask what other members are using.

    Previously, I have used a power shower, which I wired up myself and has been trouble free for many years. However, for the new house bathrooms, I was thinking about a hot water tank, heated by the sun that could feed down to a shower unit with cold water mixer. Apart from saving on electricity it would limit the time the kids were in the shower!

    Is anyone using something similar and willing to share their knowledge? We will have a deep well water pump to feed a tank or two.

    We are out in the sticks (as can be seen in the beans on toast thread) with the new house being built on the land in front of the 'tree house'. It should be ready for Christmas and I'll post some pics on its construction in a separate thread once built.

    Any advice on a non electrical water heating system (or hybrid system) would be gratefully appreciated....

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    Hot water tank? Do they have them in Thailand? They must be electric?


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      I had a solar heated tank fitted to my villa in Spain. The only drawback was sometimes the water was scolding hot.

      I've just had the bathrooms here revamped and changed from the electric power shower heaters to 150 litre heated tank in the loft.

      I've never really trusted Thai sparkys installing those heated showers.


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        ^ I had a heated water tank above each bathroom when I was in Malaysia. I prefer that to the power showers but solar heated would be ideal. Turning the sun off in some way may be in a glass panel in the roof that could be covered and I guess a secondary water tank above the bathroom.

        Anyone else have an alternative to the power shower?


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          ffs , go solar and plum in both hot and cold water to a mixing tap


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            Do you use A/C? You can capture the waste heat and use it to warm the water. Fairly simple but you'll need a flexible AC guy.

            Simplest way maybe be some black/green plastic hose on the roof connected to a tank and use thermal siphoning to move the water around.
            (would post a picture but it is too difficult on TC)
            Downside the water tank has to be higher than the roof.


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              Originally posted by Mid View Post
              ffs , go solar and plum in both hot and cold water to a mixing tap
              Even with taps I usually start the hot water 1st, ffs


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                well don't winge when you get scalded


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