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Thailand bans big bikes from national forest reserves

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  • Bonglek
    Understandable. It's gotten a bit out of hand recently as the popularity of big bikes and group tours has increased. In the past it was just one or two riders turning up. Now I see groups / gangs of big bikers up to 30 or more strong. Returning from Khao Kor
    ( just up the road from us ) last week a big group blasted past me ( in a car ) like we were standing still.....and we were doing 100 kph. Several flashed past on the right and three zoomed past on the hard shoulder at frightening speed. Those that had not covered their licence plates had Bangkok ones.

    Stopped to gas up when we got near home and as I popped into the 7/11 they were enthusing about the ride back from Phu Tap Berk and where to try next.

    I have a big bike licence but seriously....if you want to race ....get on a track.

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  • Mid
    started a topic Thailand bans big bikes from national forest reserves

    Thailand bans big bikes from national forest reserves

    Thailand bans big bikes from national forest reserves
    Mohan K Ramanujam
    22 December 2017

    A favourite destination for Malaysian bikers is Thailand, as can be seen from the large numbers of riders crossing the border every weekend and during the holidays.

    However, a new ruling by the Thai authorities might put a damper on things, especially for riders wanting to spend time in forest reserves across the border.

    Quoting a statement from department chief Thanya Netithammakun of the National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, the Bangkok Post reported that the restriction on large displacement motorcycles follows a ban on the consumption of alcohol in parks.

    This is in addition to no smoking signs being placed in park entrance areas as well as car parks under its jurisdiction.

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