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Crashed, but not out!

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  • Crashed, but not out!

    Other than FB and the motorcycle pages I haven't spent much time on forum. Pop in for a look here now and again but that's about it.

    Just before Xmas I was testing my bike setup in preparation for some upcoming enduro and ADV races, one in July 2020 in Malaysia, a 420km off road race.

    Choose the tires Mitas e09 an 80/20 enduro tire. Bought a new dedicated off road O Neal helmet as I didn't want to use my over expensive - in Thailand anyway though not yet available here, Klim Krios Pro.

    So I was bombing down the straights 120-140kph is some parts and drifting round corners at 100kph + and all was good. Off to the jumps. On an 230kg bike you aren't going to hit massive jumps so to check suspension I hit some small jumps around 60-70kph with the jump itself no more than 3 to 4ft high. Did a couple and made some adjustments. By the fifth, the bike felt good planting nice. Done, time to go home. "Bugger it i thought, just one more!". On the last one I hit the jump and the back wheel just kicked out a little which is nothing major. A quick squeeze of the clutch on landing will have it sorted. Equally a blast on the throttle given room ahead which I didn't have will straighten you up. As I landed my left foot slipped off the peg, body fell to the left and with it I twisted the throttle. The bike carried me over some MX humps, throwing me somewhere as I don't remember until waking up under a tree with the feeling of just been hit with a sledge hammer in the middle of my spine, unable to breath properly. When I pulled myself together I crawled to my bike to grab my phone only to find it destroyed so I could not make a call. I managed a combination of crawling and walking to a local shop to get help 500 meters away. Result smashed front-end. Smashed P30 Pro phone. Smashed new helmet and a lost action camera. 1 hr practice cost me near 250k in damages.

    The jump above sin't what caused the crash incidentally. Different jump.

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    So with broken toes, damaged back but not bones broken despite painful ribs and difficulty in taking long deep breaths, I am a little more mobile. Manage to clean the car yesterday and doing some minor exercise but extremely painful when I lay down. Bike is back on the mend too.


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      Nasty one.
      I visited TC a few times as a guest but had to stop. It is a sickening place. - Aging One


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        ...exciting post: you're lucky you're alive...


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          Rebuild in black. Just the front fender and done, Back on the dirt next week.


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