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What eats your lawn?

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  • What eats your lawn?

    We picked up 97 chicks in spring and yes they love grass. It's like a 70's thing...anticipation.
    They are big now from eating grass and bugs and crickets ect.
    I called a few local processors and yea, all booked. Looks like we'll be buying a defeather-errrrr. (Sp)? A spinny thing with tickelers.
    I had a joke I made up but now forgot just a second ago. It wasn't why the chicken crossed the road nor the one about the prossie exclaiming that any cocktail will do.
    Sorry, OK, back to the yardwork.

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    An update to the above. We picked up 61 chickens from a processer in northern Illinois yesterday at the cost of 3.90 per bird.
    We started with 90, sold ten to a friend and lost the rest to coyotes and hawks.


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      How much do you pay for your chicks?


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        Or do you just rent them?


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