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Indonesia - Anti-RUUKPK/RKUHP Riots

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  • Indonesia - Anti-RUUKPK/RKUHP Riots

    I doubt anything is as it seems in Indonesia. Everything there seems to be run by large shady organisations and obscenely wealthy people.

    It sounds like a law to give the cops a longer menu to coerce bribes out of people, and constraining the pesky anticorruption office from intervening.

    People I know there don't think it will be enforced in any way, second riots this year... and there was the march last december by people dressed in black with black flags, which I saw first hand.

    Hundreds Of Students, Police Injured In Massive Anti-Corruption Protests In IndonesiaBEFORE YOU GO
    (nice touch with the pink doughnut)

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    The Indonesian Papuans have joined the Uighers (and who knows how many other oppressed cultures) on the list of those unfortunate enough to live within aggressive nationalist states.


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      Indonesia is a mix of factions... Timorese (and related), Moluccans, Bataks, on the fringes tend to band together; Papuans out on the edge never really wanted to be part of it; Balinese and Manadonese keep a low profile politically to keep their thing going. Then amongst the rest, all kinds of factions, ormas, police, army, islamists, it lacks the unity of places like Thailand and Cambodia. Is maybe a bit more like Burma in its tribalism; not like China at all.