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UDD core members in prison after the Supreme Court’s rejects leniency call

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  • UDD core members in prison after the Supreme Court’s rejects leniency call

    I thought I would have posted this story, but I can’t find it. So a new thread……..
    • Thailand’s Supreme Court has dismissed the pleas for leniency by five former and active core members of the red-shirt movement. The court upheld the two year and eight month sentence, issued by the Appeals Court, for their leading roles in the violent siege of the residence of the late Privy Council President Prem Tinsulanonda in 2007.

    The Supreme Court’s decision was read this morning (Friday) by the Criminal Court, with the five convicts present in court, namely Mr. Veerakan Musikapong, former leader of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), Mr. Nopparut Worachitwutthikul, former core leader of the White Pigeon group, Mr. Natthawuth Saikua, UDD secretary-general, Mr. Wiputhalaeng Pattanaputhai and Dr. Weng Tochirakarn, both core members of the UDD.

    Seven core members of the red-shirt movement were charged with leading red-shirt protesters in laying siege to the Ban Sisal Thewet residence, during which some of the protesters clashed with police deployed to defend it. Two were acquitted by the Criminal Court.

    Before the Supreme Court’s decision was to be read by the Criminal Court, the five defendants changed their pleas to guilty and asked the court for leniency, citing their previous good deeds.

    In upholding the Appeals Court’s conviction of the five defendants, the Supreme Court said that their offences were serious and dismissed their plea for leniency.

    Since the Supreme Court’s decision is final, the five convicts were escorted to prison to serve their sentences.

    Several supporters of the five convicts showed up at the Criminal Court this morning to offer moral support.:
    • Little history.

    Supreme Court’s verdict on 5 UDD core members expected Friday

    Unless there is another postponement, tomorrow (Friday) the Criminal Court is due to read the Supreme Court’s verdict in the cases of five core members of the red-shirt movement, officially known as the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), for their alleged roles in the violent siege in 2007 of the Ban Sisao Thewet government guesthouse, which is the former residence of late Privy Council President General Prem Tinsulanonda.

    The Supreme Court’s verdict was supposed to be read on July 31st last year, but was postponed to September 23rd, because Mr. Veerakarn reported sick and could not attend court.

    Before the reading of the verdict on September 23rd, Mr. Veerakarn, Dr. Weng, Mr. Natthawut and Mr. Wiputhalaeng changed their pleas to guilty of all charges. The sudden plea reversals prompted the Criminal Court to return the case to the Supreme Court for reconsideration.

    The Criminal Court set February 6th for the reading of the verdict, but it was postponed, yet again, to April 30th, then again, to tomorrow, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.:

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    Little more to the story…..
    • Five red-shirt leaders lose final appeal, begin prison sentences

    The Supreme Court has upheld the prison sentences given to leaders of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), including a former deputy commerce and agriculture minister, over a violent protest 13 years ago outside the residence of late Privy Council president Prem Tinsulanonda.

    The court confirmed the Appeal Court's sentencing of two years and eight months each for red-shirt movement leaders Veerakarn Musikapong, Nattawut Saikuar, Vipoothalaeng Pattanapoomthai and Weng Tojirakarn, and Nopparut Worachitwutthikul, leader of the 2006 White Pigeon group, for the protest outside Prem's residence on July 22, 2007.

    Nattawut was deputy commerce and agriculture minister in the Yingluck Shinawatra government from 2012 to 2014.

    The Supreme Court rejected their petition for light punishment and a suspended jail term, saying that causing national unrest was a serious matter.

    The judgement was read out in the Criminal Court. The five men had been out on bail but were present at the Criminal Court. They were then taken to Bangkok Remand Prison.

    The reading of the ruling had been postponed several times due to defendants being ill or relocated, changing their plea from not guilty to guilty, and the coronavirus outbreak.

    The four red-shirt leaders were first sentenced to four years and four months in prison back in September 2015. The Appeal Court reduced their sentences to two years and eight months because they cooperated with the court .

    Lawyers then applied successfully for their release on bail, with a surety of 500,000 baht each, while the Supreme Court considered their final appeal.

    Veerakarn, Nattawut, Vipoothalaeng and Weng were among the seven people brought to trial in connection with the violence outside Gen Prem’s Si Sao Thewes residence to pressure him to resign as the chief royal adviser.

    They were accused of gathering in a group of more than 10 people for political purposes, leading a group of people to use force and weapons to cause chaos in a city area, colluding to oppose authorities, and defying lawful instructions to disperse.

    The violence broke out after red-shirt protesters marched from Sanam Luang to Gen Prem’s home to demand his resignation, as they believed the late privy council president was behind the September 2006 coup.

    About 200 policemen and 30 civilians were injured.:

    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer