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South Korean Woman Wanted by Interpol Found Hiding in Thailand.

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  • South Korean Woman Wanted by Interpol Found Hiding in Thailand.

    “South Korean Woman Wanted by Interpol Found Hiding in Thailand.”

    Immigration Bureau officials in Thailand have intensified their search for Hwang Hana, a South Korean socialite who is the subject of an Interpol blue notice. The 31-year-old woman, known for her high-profile connections, including being the ex-fiancée of former K-pop star Park Yoochun of TVXQ, is wanted in connection with drug-related offences.

    Hwang Hana, who gained notoriety as the granddaughter of Namyang Dairy’s founder, was linked to a drug case in South Korea. A recent arrest of another South Korean individual, who confessed to purchasing drugs from Hwang, has reignited the investigation into her activities. Despite earlier accusations, Hwang had previously evaded legal consequences, leading to speculation about her family's influence.

    Further complicating her situation, Hwang was accused of leveraging explicit videos to blackmail multiple victims. The footage allegedly depicted women involved in drug-induced nudity and sexual activities.

    Her name has also surfaced in the infamous Burning Sun scandal, a major South Korean case involving prostitution, human trafficking, and bribery, which embroiled numerous celebrities and officials. Hwang was arrested in April 2019 for questioning in relation to drug offences but was subsequently released.

    Interpol issued a blue notice for Hwang, suspecting her of continued drug involvement. Authorities in Thailand were alerted when she arrived at Don Mueang International Airport from Vietnam on March 13. She later sought passport renewal at the South Korean Embassy in Thailand, claiming her passport was lost.

    Currently, Thai Immigration Bureau officials suspect Hwang is still in Thailand, as there is no record of her departure. In addition to cooperating with Interpol to extradite her, Thai authorities plan to charge her with overstaying her visa.

    The search remains ongoing, with officials urging anyone with information on Hwang’s whereabouts to come forward as they work to resolve this high-profile case.
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