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Thailand : Soldiers Force Squid Vendor To Take off Red T-shirt

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  • Thailand : Soldiers Force Squid Vendor To Take off Red T-shirt

    Soldiers force squid vendor to take off red t-shirt, citing rifts prevention
    Sun, 29/06/2014




    Five soldiers in Chiang Mai province forced a squid vendor to remove his red t-shirt screened with a face of the red shirt leader Chatuporn Prompan, citing the intention to reconcile and end political conflict.

    The man was selling fried squid around 11 a.m. when five soldiers in a Humvee approached him on Thipanet Rd, Mueang Chiang Mai District, and forced him to remove the t-shirt citing the Martial Law.

    The vendor had to remove the t-shirt and give it to the military officers to confiscate.

    The man said he had been wearing red t-shirt while selling squid for a long time, so when the army forbade him from wearing it, he felt threatened and violated of rights.

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    Soldiers visited the squid shop where last week the owner was forced to take off his red shirt

    The soldiers removed stickers with the Pheu Thai logo and its slogan stating "reduce expense, increase income" from an ice box as they apologised to the shop owner, saying that the military did not want to see political symbols in public.

    Ice box with sticker of Pheu Thai party logo and slogan removed

    Earlier on June 29, a group of soldiers came to the shop and forced the squid seller and shop owner, Wasan (last name not revealed) to remove his red shirt, citing the need for unity and preventing rifts. After complaints to the Commanding General of the Chiang Mai Army Circle, the soldiers apologised for their act and returned the red T-shirt to Wasan.

    Wasan was not at the shop as the soldiers visited this time, but his wife, their daughter and assistants were there, and the wife said she felt unsafe and threatened by the military.

    She said after her husband was forced to remove his T-shirt, the soldiers still visited the shop twice for surveillance and to take photos of the shop.

    Shop owner's wife distressed as after multiple visits by the army


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        23 Jul 2014


        UDD coleaders visited vendor owner who was forced to takeout her Red Shirt & remove PTP stickers from her shop in CM


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