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    Tibetan minister inaugurates exhibition on Tibet self immolations
    Saturday, April 05, 2014

    Minister Dicki Chhoyang speaks to the press after the inauguration, April 4, 2014
    photo/Tenzin Phende


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    Self-immolations by Tibetans
    Thinley Namgyal
    Lobsang Palden
    Lobsang Dorje
    Phagmo Samdup
    Tsultrim Gyatso
    Kunchok Tseten
    Tsering Gyal
    Kunchok Sonam
    Wangchen Dolma
    Tenzin Sherab
    Losang Dawa
    Konchok Woeser
    Unknown (female)
    Konchok Tenzin
    Lhamo Kyab
    Lobsang Thogme
    Kunchok Wangmo*
    Tsesung Kyab
    Phagmo Dundrup
    Sonam Dhargye
    Drugpa Khar
    Lobsang Namgyal
    Konchok Kyab
    Tsering Tashi
    Wangchen Kyi
    Kunchok Pelgye
    Pema Dorjee
    Lobsang Geleg
    Sungdue Kyab
    Kunchok Kyab
    Tsering Namgyal
    Wande Khar
    Sanggye Tashi
    Kelsang Kyab
    Gonpo Tsering
    Kunchok Tsering
    Sangay Dolma
    Tamdrin Kyab
    Tamdrin Dorjee
    Lubhum Gyal
    Tsering Dundrup
    Wangchen Norbu
    Sangdag Tsering
    Chagmo Kyi
    Khabum Gyal
    Tenzin Dolma
    Nyangchag Bum
    Nyangkar Tashi
    Gonpo Tsering
    Jinpa Gyatso
    Dorjee Kyab
    Tamding Tso
    Dorjee Lhundrup
    Tsewang Kyab
    Lhamo Tseten
    Dorje Rinchen
    Lhamo Kyab
    Tamdin Dorje
    Sangay Gyatso
    Passang Lhamo
    Lobsang Damchoe
    Lobsang Kelsang
    Dolkar Tso
    Lobsang Tsultrim
    Losang Lozin
    Tsewang Dorjee
    Dickyi Choezom
    Ngawang Norphel
    Tenzin Khedup
    Tamdin Thar
    Dorje Tseten
    Choepak Kyap
    Thubten Nyandak Rinpoche & Atse*
    Chimey Palden
    Tenpa Darjey
    Lobsang Sherab
    Sonam Dargye
    Lobsang Tsultrim
    Jamyang Palden
    Tsering Kyi
    Damchoe Sangpo
    Lobsang Gyatso
    Tenzin Choedron
    Sonam Rabyang
    Rinzin Dorje
    Losang Jamyang
    Sonam Wangyal
    Tenzin Phuntsog
    Palden Choetso
    Dawa Tsering
    Tenzin Wangmo
    Norbu Damdrul
    Kelsang Wangchuk
    Lobsang Kelsang
    Lobsang Kunchok
    Tsewang Norbu
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      Tibetan Student Self-immolates in Protest Against China
      September 21, 2014


      A Tibetan student has died after setting himself on fire in Tsoe City.

      Lhamo Tashi set himself on fire last Wednesday while shouting slogans against the Chinese rule in Tibet in front of a police station.

      Tashi's self-immolation is the first in more than five months.

      Information on the death only emerged Sunday, as Chinese authorities usually clamp down on communication following such incidents.

      More than 130 Tibetans have burned themselves since the a wave of protests began in 2009 challenging Chinese rule in Tibetan areas and calling for the return from exile of Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama.

      Tibetans are protesting what they say as Chinese repression of their culture and religion.

      Beijing denies the charges and says the suicide protests are acts of terrorism.

      The Tibetan government in exile has urged Tibetans not to take such drastic action, and the U.S. government has called on China to resolve the Tibetan issue with the resumption of dialogue with representatives of the Dalai Lama.


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        Beijing denies the charges and says the suicide protests are acts of terrorism.
        Only if carried out in a fireworks factory.


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          Tibetan immolates self in Golok
          Monday, October 06, 2014

          Kunchok, 42,

          DHARAMSHALA, October 6: A Tibetan man immolated himself near a police station in Gade County, Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, eastern Tibet on September 16, a day before another Tibetan set himself ablaze in Tsoe County, Kanlho Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, according to the UK based Tibet Watch.

          Kunchok, 42, set himself on fire on 16 September near a police station Tsangkor Sholma township, Gade County, before onlookers doused the flames and rushed him to hospital. He became the 133rd Tibetan to resort to self immolation as a form of protest against the Chinese government.

          "News of his protest has just emerged as local Tibetans did not want to put him or those who assisted him at risk of arrest," said Tibet Watch.


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            8 Tibetans sentenced up to five years in prison for self immolation links
            Phuntsok Yangchen
            November 05, 2014


            Dolma Tso


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              Two Tibetans Shot While Trying to Protect Self-ImmolatorKalsang Yeshe in an undated photo.
              Photo courtesy of an RFA listener Prayer sessions


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                Police open fire on monks in Tawu
                Thursday, December 25, 2014

                gunshot wound sustained by a monk

                DHARAMSHALA, December 25: Several monks have been injured as Chinese police opened indiscriminate fire on monks who were trying to stop the police from taking away the body of the latest Tibetan self immolator in Tawu County.

                A Tibetan source said that the police forcefully cremated the body of Kalsang Yeshi, 37, who died minutes after setting himself on fire on Tuesday, in an electric crematorium.

                Two family members of the deceased were forced to throw the remains into a river at gunpoint, the source said.

                Those injured are not willing to go to hospital for fear of being arrested, said the source.

                Kalsang Yeshi was a former monk of Ganden Jhangtse monastery in south India. He was well respected among the local Tibetans for his contribution towards the community.

                Kalsang became 135th Tibetan to self immolate in protest against the Chinese government since 2009 and 116th to succumb to the burns. His self immolation is the third by a Tibetan in just less than a month.




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                  Tibetan woman dies after immolating self in Ngaba
                  Sunday, March 08, 2015

                  Photo/RFA listener

                  DHARAMSHALA, March 8: A Tibetan woman has died after setting herself ablaze on Friday in Ngaba in protest against Chinese policies in Tibet.

                  Norchuk, a 47 year old Tibetan nomad from Trotsuk village in Ngaba, became the 137th Tibetan to take up self immolation as a form of protest against Chinese rule since 2009.

                  Affiliated to Dephu monastery, she recently vowed to turn vegetarian at a mass gathering of nomads from different villages to commit themselves to virtuous behavior.

                  It is not known if Norchuk raised any slogans during her protest. Local Chinese authorities immediately cremated the body.

                  The self immolation by Norchuk comes at a time when China steps up security measures to contain any expression of political dissent ahead of the 56th Tibetan National Uprising Day on March 10.

                  Sources say Chinese security forces have camped in huge numbers in various counties and Tibetan inhabited areas.

                  The same source said that the intensification of security measures in Tibetan areas had begun even before the Tibetan New Year, and the celebration were marred by the fear of repression even during the Tibetan New Year.



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                    ICT report documents 20 cases of surviving self imolators

                    DHARAMSHALA, March 20: The International Campaign for Tibet, a leading NGO based in the US, has said the the self immolators who survive the fiery act of protest face extreme physical and psychological sufferings at the hands of Chinese regime.

                    In a report


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                      Tibetan nun sets herself ablaze in Kardze
                      Friday, April 10, 2015

                      Yeshi Khando, 138th Tibetan to self immolate since 2009

                      DHARAMSHALA, April 10: A Tibetan nun has set herself ablaze in Kardze County on Wednesday taking the total number of self immolation by Tibetans since 2009 to 138, reported the Tibet Times.

                      Yeshi Khando, 42, shouted slogans calling for the return of the exiled Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama to Tibet, freedom in Tibet and the Dalai Lama's long life as she doused herself in gasoline and set fire to her body, according to a Tibetan exile named Lobsang Tenzin.

                      Within minutes into her fiery protest, police on patrol arrived with fire extinguishers and doused the fire, eye witnesses have told exile sources.

                      Family members of Khando were summoned to the police station but were neither handed over her body nor given any update on her present condition.

                      There is no confirmed information about whether she survived the self immolation. However, eye witnesses have said it was unlikely that she would be alive going by the burns she sustained before being taken away by the police.

                      Yeshi Khando is a nun of Jhomo Monastery in Kardze. She is a native of Draksur village, Drango County. She was lovingly called Yeyang by fellow nuns and her family.

                      A Tibetan woman has died after setting herself ablaze on Friday in Ngaba in protest against Chinese policies in Tibet.

                      Two days before the March Tenth Tibetan uprising anniversary last month, a 47 year old Tibetan woman named Norchuk died after immolating herself.



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                        Apr 15, 2015

                        The Dalai Lama.
                        Pic: AP.

                        BEIJING (AP)


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                          Father of seven dies in self immolation protest in Ngaba
                          Phuntsok Yangchen



                          charred remains of Dhamkar, April 16, 2015



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                            Tibetan Father of Four Self-Immolates in Protest in SichuanTenzin Gyatso in an undated photo.
                            Photo courtesy of an RFA listener


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                              Tibetan Monk Linked to Self-Immolation is Detained in SichuanTibetan monk Tsewang Choephel in an undated photo.
                              Photo courtesy of an RFA listener Warning shots fired