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Thailand : Peasants, noblemen should no longer be used

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  • Thailand : Peasants, noblemen should no longer be used

    Peasants, noblemen should no longer be used: Prayuth
    August 8, 2014

    National Council for Peace and Order chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha Friday urged the stop the use of rhetoric of peasants and noblemen to divided the society.

    Speaking during his weekly TV programme, Prayuth said those classes were not used since the slavary abolision by King Rama V. The use of such terms was an insult on all Thais, he added.

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    Does this mean the Thai soaps will have to hire some new scriptwriters?

    Ii Aep, the dark-skinned Isaan slave/maid, has been slapped and battered around by Thailand's hiso class for a generation. It's as natural as breathing. I'm not sure the good general's decree can erase cultural norms and attitudes so easily. Another factor that has the general swimming upstream is an institution that necessarily divides noble men from the chaff. Is this to be ignored as well? Didn't think so. Divisions will remain.

    Anyway, it's not a bad idea.


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      Whimsy and rhetorical....

      Class divisions and rank are instilled as a course of nature.

      If the good General is sincere [BS comes naturally], he'll start with himself and those associated.

      Some things certainly need to be dissolved permanently - the root cause of historic problems and issues within the fair land.


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