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Thailand : Prayuth bemoans post-coup life

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  • Thailand : Prayuth bemoans post-coup life

    Prayuth bemoans post-coup life
    Wassana Nanuam and Saritdet Marukatat

    Prayuth Chan-ocha says he's paid a heavy price for leading his colleagues in uniform to topple the government and run the country since May 22.

    Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha greets participants at a reform event at the Royal Army Club on Saturday but leaves them guessing about his future in politics.
    (Photo by Wassana Nanuam)

    "I've worked non-stop since May 22. What I receive is a per diem of 400 baht a day. My wife is about to walk away from me. It's not worth it," he told a packed house at the Royal Thai Army Club as the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) officially announced its roadmap to reforms.

    "I get nothing. I have no ambitions," he added.

    His good-natured admission during a 90-minute speech helped break the ice at a meeting that brought together representatives of many disparate groups to discuss reform.

    The army chief and coup leader is married to Naraporn Chan-ocha, who retired from Chulalongkorn University to assume a full-time role as president of the Thai Army Wives Association three years ago.

    All observers agreed that Gen Prayuth looked tense in the first days after declaring the coup and in the first few Friday evening televised addresses he made. As time goes on, however, he seems to have grown more relaxed, both on TV and other public stages.

    The army chief is due to retire at the end of next month but the timeline leading to the end of his military career could involve a twist.

    Other top brass in the NCPO back Gen Prayuth to lead a new government to be formed once the National Legislative Assembly selects a prime minister. Several public opinion polls also put him ahead of other choices to be the premier.

    The government will be set up by late August, he said on Saturday.

    Gen Prayuth has refused to confirm or deny reports that he might move from the army headquarters to Government House. That was stressed again on Saturday.

    "Whoever wants to be prime minister can apply for it. I think I'd be happy doing nothing," he said, but then dropped a hint: "But sometimes it's necessary."

    Veerakan Musikapong, a red-shirt leader who attended the event, offered his own endorsement of sorts.

    "Gen Prayuth should take the prime minister's position," he told reporters after the meeting.

    "The one who staged the coup deserves that."

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    "I've worked non-stop since May 22. What I receive is a per diem of 400 baht a day. My wife is about to walk away from me. It's not worth it,"
    Good grief , looking for sympathy for committing an illegal act .........................


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