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Thai junta facing massive criticism

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  • Thai junta facing massive criticism

    Thai junta facing massive criticism
    19 August 2014


    Many questioning its reluctance to publicly disclose assets - long a contentious issue with previous juntas using coups for personal enrichment.


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    Maybe a little too late for Abby to be calling the pot black!


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      There is a gap between government officials and the people. Villagers now don't have people in the area they can immediately turn to when they face problems
      No flies on him, are there? Finger on the pulse, as ever and you can certainly see why those flag-waving, yellow-shirted bellends hold him in such high regard.

      As for the fact that some kind of hideous neo-liberal state sits at the end of all this is, that's not hugely shocking to anyone, surely.


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        More than a few Red faces in the Yellow camp, these days.


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          The lesser of evils?

          I'm for the one doing something for the country. Personally, I've seen more action from these guys than any other politician since living here.

          When as said and done, it doesn't matter. US, UK or Thailand, they are all corrupt, some are just more obvious.


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            The army are trying to get rid of the taxi mafia and the jet ski gangsters and cleaning up the beaches , so everything is looking a little bit better .


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