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On the 100th Day of the Thai Military Coup d’etat

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  • On the 100th Day of the Thai Military Coup d’etat

    Sat, 30/08/2014

    Statement of International Solidarity Group for Thai Democracy and Human Rights
    1. Lift the Martial Law and repeal the repressive orders that violate international human rights standards especially civil and political rights of Thai people.
    2. Return to democratically-elected civilian government.
    3. Stop all human rights violations especially on the following issues:
      1. The harassment of human rights defenders, community rights defenders and grassroots activists
      2. Arbitrary arrest, custody and detention
      3. Freedom of Assembly
      4. Freedom of Expression
      5. Right to Information
      6. Respect of due process and rule of law
      7. Right of migrant workers

    4. Assert civilian authority and control over the military.
    5. End impunity and bring human rights perpetrators to justice.
    6. Repeal all provisions in the interim constitution that violate international human rights standards.

    Living under Military Rule: Human Rights Situation in Thailand after the Coup

    Since the Martial Law has been enforced in Thailand on 20 May 2014 and the military coup that followed after two days, human rights situation in Thailand has deteriorated rapidly under military rule. From being one of most democratic countries in Southeast Asia, Thailand has now become one of very few countries in the world under military dictatorship.

    There are more than 500 individuals who were summoned by junta. [1]
    • The Right to Freedom of Expression
    • The Right to Freedom of Assembly and Association
    [2] The Metropolitan Office Bureau offers 500 Baht reward for anyone who can capture and send them the pictures of anti-coup activities in Bangkok. [3]

    • Arbitrary Arrests and Detentions

    Article 15 of Martial Law states that military authority shall have the power to detain any person for inquiry or other necessities no longer than seven days. [4] Until now, 571 individuals have been summoned or arbitrarily arrested by junta including 141 academics, writers, journalists and activists.

    Many of them were detained incommunicado in undisclosed locations including Ms. Sukanya Phrueksakasemsuk, wife of Mr. Somyot Phueksakasemsuk, the editor of a magazine who is now serving 11 years for lese majeste, who has been campaigning for the right of political prisoners, and her son Panitan Phrueksakasemsuk, a student activist. [5]

    • The Situation of Human Rights Defenders

    The soldiers, joined by police and forestry officials also forcibly evicted more than 1,000 residents in Buriram province and destroyed their houses over the land dispute. [7]

    • Allegations of Torture and Inhumane Treatment

    Red shirt activist, Kritsuda Khunasen, alleged that she was tortured by soldiers while she was incommunicado and detained without charge from 27 May to 24 June 2014 in an unidentified military camp. [8]

    There are at least 11 allegations of torture and inhumane treatment under military custody, reported by red shirts activists and guards. There could be more cases of torture but victims are not willing to disclose information at the moment because of climate of fear in Thailand.

    The uncertainty of the over-all political situation in Thailand continues as the military refuses to return to democratic rule. The prospect for better human rights protection and defense is not seen for as long as the Thai people will live under military rule.

    With the interim constitution framed and used by the military in ruling the country, the prospect for democratic governance is far from being realized with unlimited powers being given to the military to govern the country without transparency, accountability and rule of law.

    While the violations of human rights continue with impunity, the Thai people cannot exercise their rights to defend themselves for fear of being summoned, arbitrarily arrested and detained, tortured and disappeared.
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