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  • "Mu Ham" : Kanpitak Pachimsawat

    Bangkok Post July 6, 2007

    Man rams car into bus passengers, killing one

    A son of a former Miss Thailand winner has been charged with murder and attempted murder after he ran over several bus passengers with his car, killing one and injuring a number of others, following a quarrel with the bus driver on Wednesday night. Kanpithak Patchimsawat, 20-year-old son of Sawinee Pakaranang and Kan-anek Patchimsawat, accused Sathaporn Arunsiri, 37, the driver of bus No 513, of hitting his car while in the Asoke area.

    After a brief argument, both left the scene. When the bus stopped at a traffic light at Aree intersection near Sukhumvit Soi 26, Mr Kanpithak left the car to approach the bus driver. The driver then told passengers to leave the bus for another vehicle. Before they could be picked up, Mr Kanpithak got back into his car and rammed it into the waiting passengers. Three people were trapped under the car when it came to a stop.

    Eyewitnesses and other passengers tried to lift the Mercedes to free the victims, who were taken to Chulalongkorn Hospital. One victim, Saichon Luangsaeng, 42, was pronounced dead at the hospital yesterday while two others are being treated for serious injuries.

    The angry crowd then turned on Mr Kanpithak, assaulting him before police stepped in. He is being treated at Samitivej Hospital.

    Pol Lt-Gen Adisorn Nonsi, the metropolitan police chief, said police would treat all sides fairly. Mr Kanpitak is the nephew of Ukrit Patchimsawat, retired deputy police chief.

    Police are awaiting the results of an alcohol test and medical records of Mr Kanpithak, who was reportedly once treated at Galaya Rajanagarindra Institute and has a problem with self-control.

    The family of Mrs Saichon yesterday filed a complaint with police. Her daughter Sucheera Insuwan, 25, said the family wanted Mr Kanpithak prosecuted. Mrs Saichon, a financial officer of the state-run bus agency, the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority, was among passengers waiting when the Mercedes hit her.

    Mr Kan-anek, father of Mr Kanpithak, says he will take all responsibility for what happened.

    The family agreed to pay compensation to the injured and the family of the dead victim.

    At a press conference, Mr Kan-anek and Mrs Sawinee, who are divorced, expressed regret.

    Mr Kanpithak had suffered from depression and his body would stiffen in a fit when enraged, his father said
    His son would be ordained to make merit for the dead victim

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    Court jails son of Miss Thailand for ten years
    Fri, January 30, 2009

    Phrakanong Court on Friday sentenced Kanpitak Pachimsawas, 21, son of former Miss Thailand, to 15 years and two months in jail on charges of premeditated-murder due to his aggressive driving which killed one and injured three others.

    The penalty was reduced to 10 years and one month as the defendant had already paid some compensation to the injured.

    On July 4, 2007, Kanpitak swerved his car into the footpath near a bus-stop where many people were waiting for buses after he got into an argument with the driver of bus number 513, claiming that the bus hit him and fled. One died and three others were injured.

    Court ordered Kanpitak, son of Kun-anek and Savinee; former Miss Thailand, to pay compensation to Sangwan Srihawong, for Bt800,000.

    Kanpitak's parents indicated he has a mental condition and he cannot control himself when he is under a lot of stress.


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      Moo Ham gets suspended jail term
      March 5, 2013

      The Appeals Court Tuesday sentenced a young driver from a wealthy family to two years' suspended jail term for crashing into a group of bus passengers and killing one of them.

      The Phra Khanong Provincial Court found that Kanpitak Patchimsawat, 25, had a mental problem that reduced his ability to control himself while under stress. It was found that the victim was killed while the defendant could not control himself.

      He was initially sentenced to three years in jail, but the court later reduced the jail term to two years and one month.

      The court decided to suspend the penalty for two years and required the defendant to report to probation officials every three months over that period.

      The defendant also was asked to have his mental problem treated.


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        Father of 'Mu Ham' caught with ya ice

        Businessman Kan-anek Pachinsawat caught for possessing crystal meth during a raid at a Bangkok hotel leaves the Criminal Court after being released on bail on Feb 13.
        (Photo by Patipat Janthong)


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          Originally posted by Mid View Post
          The lower court sentenced him to a prison term, but the Appeals Court reduced and suspended the prison term, ruling that Kanpitak could not be held responsible for his actions due to a mental disorder.
          I wonder if he still has his driving license?


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            Originally posted by Dr Earl View Post
            I wonder if he still has his driving license?
            Nothing wrong with his driving, usually.
            It's already been estabished that it isn't his fault when he gets out of control, it's an illness and he'll get treatment.

            He and his father are having a difficult time, why add further punishment?
            “Don’t get sick of me just yet, for I will be here for quite a while”


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              I see why he is smiling. His son got off with murder he has nothing to worry about.

              It becomes increasingly clear why the elite of Thailand fight so hard for things to stay the same.


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                'Mu Ham' jailed for bus-stop road rage,

                The Supreme Court on Friday sent Kanpitak Pachimsawat, better known as "Mu Ham", to prison for 25 months for fatally ramming his luxury car into people waiting at a Bangkok bus stop, after a quarrel with a bus driver in 2007.

                One woman was killed and three people suffered serious injuries.

                In 2013 the Appeals Court reduced the lower court's prison term of 10 years and one month to two years and one month, and suspended it because Kanpitak had a "mental disorder" and his victims had already received compensation.

                The Supreme Court upheld the 25 month prison term, but overruled the Appeals Court's suspension of the sentence.

                The Supreme Court, it its ruling read out in Phra Khanong court in Bangkok on Friday, lifted the suspension because Kantipak had a long record of drug abuse dating back to when he was 17 years old, and despite this his father let him drive.

                Kantipak, now 28, is the son of former Miss Thailand Sawinee Pakaranang and real estate businessman Kan-anek Pachimsawat.

                On July 4, 2007, Kantipak, then aged 20, had a quarrel with the driver of a No 513 bus in Bangkok.

                He accused the man, Sathaporn Arunsiri, then 37, of hitting his Mercedes Benz car with the bus while in the Asoke area.

                After a brief argument, both left the scene in their vehicles. Kantipak followed the bus and when it stopped at a traffic light at Aree intersection, near Sukhumvit Soi 26, Kanpitak left his car and approached the bus driver.

                The driver then told his passengers they should leave the bus and wait for another one at the nearby bus stop. While they were waiting Kanpitak got back into his car and deliberately drove it into the group of passengers. Three people were trapped under the car when it came to a stop.

                One woman, Saichon Luangsaeng, 42, a Bangkok Mass Transit Authority official, was pronounced dead at Chulalongkorn Hospital and three other people were seriously injured.

                The angry crowd then turned on Kanpitak and assaulted him before police stepped in.

                Kantipak was charged and convicted of premeditated and attempted murder and physical assault.

                In February 2015, Kantipak's father Kan-anek, 64, was arrested at a hotel in Huai Khwang district, Bangkok, allegedly in possession of 1.07 grammes of crystal methamphetamine and drug-use paraphernalia. He was released on bail.



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