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Thailand Travel Agents Association fears foreign dominance

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  • Thailand Travel Agents Association fears foreign dominance

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    This is another example of Thai fearing competition, They know they cannot compete in the area of English nor can they compete in the service department. Thais do not have a service mind or competent English skills to compete with other ASEAN members. They know full well they are substandard and are now going to whine about rather than get on the stick and correct the issues. Thailand likes to brag on themselves showing pics of pristine beaches, touting the great customer service in the world and of course that Thai smile they always talk about. The only thing they have going for them is the Thai smile and most of the time it is insincere. They do not get it that the customer is always right and never apologize or give a discount if service falls below standard. They just look at tourists as one it wonders and figure they are only here for one go around, so no need to try do it first class. Instead they squeeze the one time visitor for everything they can get and attempt to give as little as they can. Even if they have to lie, cheat and steal to do it.


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