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Teaching through fear!

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  • Teaching through fear!

    My daughter attends an international school which I won't name but the other day she asked, "Daddy, if I speak badly to you and mummy will I turn into a monster an go to hell?". She's 5-years-old KG3 but was boosted to P1 so the age of the other kids is 6-7 years. However, that night she refused to go to bed and came out of her room crying. When I asked her why, she said a video the teacher showed scared her. I asked about the other kids who apparently were also scared.

    Turns out the teacher - this is in Thai class btw, has been showing this video to teach kids morals and respect.

    Sims, the normal game is rated 12+, so how on earth does the teacher think this qualifies as quality teaching material to kids that young?

    The other parents being Thai, didn't want to lose face and complain. So it was left to a falang to ask in this day and age, can they not teach kids morals another way rather than through fear!

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    Were I a parent I wouldn't let my child anywhere near any Thai teacher. If every school in Thailand has Thai teachers, I'd be bringing up my child elsewhere.


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