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New Requirements for all Schools

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  • New Requirements for all Schools

    The announcement from OBEC to a meeting of 78 school directors in the EEC was made a few weeks ago. The new requirements will apply to all government schools starting from May 2019. It's OBEC's intention to professionalize the teaching profession and bring Thai schools up to international standards. The major point for Government schools is that they must adopt one of a range of mainly-UK-based curriculum and assessment methods.



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    I wonder if they have made an agreement with the Filipino government for about 2,500 teachers. Then phase out NES. I had a friend who attended a meeting when this was originally envisaged three years ago, it seems to be coming to fruition. NES teachers are too much of a financial burden and are apparently difficult to manage.


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      One more for extensive



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        This should be interesting to see how it plays out. Are there any news articles on these changes for May? I can't really read the pics you posted.

        If they want a higher calibre of curriculum, they need to hire more educated teachers and pay them much more than 30,000 baht. It seems the pay has never increased over time. Blaming the teachers is easy to do, but the government needs to put more resources in the schools as well.


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