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Bangkok Science Museum & Planetarium, great day-trip.

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  • Bangkok Science Museum & Planetarium, great day-trip.

    Really great place to go for a day with a kid.

    Just next to Ekamai BTS station. Actually just next to Ekamai bus station.!4d100.5827043

    Big complex with a great planetarium. The shows are on at 10am, 2pm and 3pm.

    One English one per week, on Tuesday at 10am. The rest are in Thai.

    Closed on Mondays and holidays.

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    The usual trick of parking the car in Big C Saphan Kwai and getting the BTS downtown didn't see too smart for some reason.

    A KFC later and thankfully was all cleared up for the 100 meter dash to the BTS.

    Get off at Ekamai, 50 meter stroll past Ekamai bus station, try not to fall down the holes in the pavements or be knocked down by the variety of motorized vehicles using them, and hey presto.

    30b+20b for the tickets.

    No foreigner price, so you don't have to jump up and down shouting about how you've been here 10 years in incomprehensible Thinglish.

    Planetarium is over there.


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      Lunar Module looks a bit cruder than imagined.

      The angles did look a bit off.


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        Bought this 30cm model for 200b, will probably end up smashed in the bin when I have a hissyfit after Mercury glues itself to Saturn and the stem for Venus snaps in two after 3 hours of trying to put the fiddly fookin' thing together.

        The FD 6502 from Chiang Mai missed the runway a bit.

        Exhibitions in the exhibition buildings. Separate to the Planetarium building.

        In the Planetarium:

        Lots focused on the Zodiac, oddly enough.

        You're here:

        Lots of good interactive displays to risk possible electrocution on.


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          Part of a meteorite, I imagine.

          Help us out Exexpat,

          Controls to female happiness, stage one.

          Got me a middle one. Looking forward to heading for Chiang Mai and the northern hills in 2 months or so.

          Into the big Planetarium show.

          Unfortunately no photographs allowed.

          At the start as people were coming in.

          The 50 minute show was absolutely amazing and exceeded all expectations.

          Massive fly-bys of Mars, Jupiter, going through the rings of Saturn, being on the surface of comets etc. Jaw dropping stuff.

          If anybody can find a video of it online it would be great to see it again.


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            Out and into the equally impressive interactive Science Museum and exhibition halls. Separate tickets. Same price. Total of 50b for adult and child.

            Press a button and the massive engine comes to life.

            80 out of 90 isn't bad. Though felt that she was holding me back.

            Don't fancy a Thai strapping me into that and then prodding away at the control buttons.

            Luckily it was closed off.


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              For some reason this was the favorite.

              Can be a submariner.


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                Spinning mirror things.

                Is that a massive real life version of the boardgame Mousetrap??

                You better believe it muthafookah!


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                  Upstairs and across The Goldengate.

                  Mother-in-Law showed up.


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                    The remains of the staff's lunch, I presume.


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                      Into the Robot room.

                      Knew I should have paid more attention in Electrical Engineering class.


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                        Billie Jean is not my lovaaah.

                        Aquatic Life building was locked up.

                        Trying to reach the exit without spotting the shop was an exercise in futility.

                        As was trying to average 5kph on the way home.

                        Great place, great day, insanely cheap.

                        Well recommended.


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                          I went there with a bit of Thermaes fluff eons ago. She had to indulge me as we were off to the beach the next day.

                          Thanks for the pics. Reminded me of how old I am. I quite liked the replica of the lunar module. Gives an idea how cramped they must have been. Never did go back for the planetarium show. Still don't know if is any good.

                          I think you little lady might also enjoy the Naval museum at the mouth of the Chai Phraya river. Lots to see and do.
                          Climb all over a big de commissioned warship, explore the the defunct coastal batteries and then take the raised plank walk through the mangroves. Cheap as chips as I remember. Used to be a car ferry across the river way down Sukhumvit. Probably gone now on account of all the bridges. Quite a good restaurant there too built out over the water. This is all on the west bank. Also something opposite on the east bank but never been there.


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                            Originally posted by Bonglek View Post

                            I think you little lady might also enjoy the Naval museum at the mouth of the Chai Phraya river. Lots to see and do.
                            Great stuff, will give that a look. We enjoyed your cable car recommendation. Cheers.


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