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If you can ride the boats in Bangkok, there are many places you can visit.

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  • If you can ride the boats in Bangkok, there are many places you can visit.

    But you need to know which boats and which lines and where they run.

    In order to learn this distinction, the boat is distinguished by small flags.

    Historical monuments around Bangkok's famous Riverside area. The best way to visit the temples and architecture is by boat.

    Also, you can take a boat ride in Bangkok's canals and visit interesting places.

    There are many types of boats (express boats, river taxis and longtail boats) plying the Kyauk Phraya River, connecting with local townships on the Thonburi side and along the river, and ferry boats are used at various places to cross the river.

    The Chao Phraya Express Boat Company, which runs river taxis up and down the river, has many boat lines, and the tourist boat stops at any place you request, including Wat Arun (the Temple of Dawn), Grand Palace, It offers access to attractions such as Wat Po and the Royal Barge Museum. Sathorn Pier is located right in front of the Saphan Taksin BTS Skytrain Station and is a port for various types of ships and ferries in Bangkok.

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    ✅Express Boat river taxis

    There are five types of Express Boat river taxi.

    1. No flag (local line)

    2. Blue flag line (tourist boat)

    3. Orange flag line

    4. Yellow flag line

    5. Green flag line

    ✅Boats with no flag (local line)

    🔰Stops at every pier

    🔰Runs Monday-Friday from 6am to 6.30pm

    🔰Costs around 10-20 baht

    Unflagged boats stop at every pier from Wat Rajsingkorn (Pier S1) in the south to Nonthaburi (Pier N30) in the north.

    Scheduled to depart every 20 minutes, only on weekdays. As with all types of boats, you can pay directly to the Ticket Office or the staff on board.

    ✅Blue Flag (Tourist Boat)

    🔰Stops at various points as you please

    🔰Runs daily from 9am to 7pm

    🔰Costs around 40 baht/trip or 100 baht for an all-day pass

    The Blue Flag Tourist Boat runs from Nonthaburi at the northern end of Bangkok to Sathorn Central Pier from 7am to 6:25pm.



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      The All-day pass offers unlimited tours, and English-speaking staff will call each stop with a microphone and ask if anyone wants to get off at that stop. The boat will not stop unless there are passengers to board or disembark.

      Between stops, staff often explain the scenery on each side of the river.

      ✅Orange Flag

      🔰Stops at the main piers

      🔰Runs daily from 5.50am to 7pm

      🔰Costs around 15 baht per journey

      Orange flag boats run between Wat Rajsinkorn (Pier S3) and Nonthaburi (Pier N 30), and you can visit the places between these two piers with Orange Flag Boats

      ✅ Yellow Flag

      🔰Large express boat for commuters

      🔰Runs Monday-Friday from 6.15am to 7am and from 4.45pm to 8pm

      🔰Costs around 20-29 baht

      The yellow flag boats that run only during rush hours are also used as tourist boats.

      The size of the boat is bigger, so it is comfortable to ride with passengers, it has good quality seats, and it is faster than other boats.

      Stopping at only 10 piers, it is a fast boat designed mainly for commuters from the northern suburbs of Bangkok to work.

      Green Flag

      🔰Express boat for commuters

      🔰Runs Monday-Friday from 6.10am to 08.10am and from 4.05pm to 6.05pm

      🔰Costs around 13-32 baht

      Green Flag is an express boat and is the only route to the northern end of the Bangkok river taxi route (Pakkret, N33).

      Boats with green flags on the front and back will stop at only 13 of the 33 piers. It is also the fastest boat for passengers going to Koh Kret. The street cat is mainly designed for commuters from the northern suburbs of Bangkok to work.


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