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    I always stay at same hotel whilst in BKK.

    The staff are friendly and helpful.

    They are upgrading rooms still have smoking rooms to.
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    The Salil on Soi 11. Crappy service and crappy food and the management will just look at you with a blank stare if you complain.


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      I spent one night in a hotel in Aranyaprathet, no swimming pool, multi storey next to the bus station, and a karaoke hall full of drunken Thais singing with the volume on max, until 4 am. The sound went straight through the walls into my room.
      piseed off in the morning I wanted to see the manager.
      Man it's Thailand, no manager, he in Bangkok.


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        Dream on soi 15 is always good!


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          Dream Hotel ticks all the boxes & I would certainly stay there again bar one thing - the paper thin walls between adjoining rooms making the continual noise from the neighbours annoying. Of course you are guaranteed to have Asians in the rooms next door to you & making a racket comes naturally to them

          This is a shame as the rooms are great with its glow blue beds & free latest movies on the television & very comfy beds. The restaurant is great too & the buffet breakfast became a combined breakfast/lunch being the glutton I am. So much so I had to go back to bed for a 'bit of a lie down' after eating too much

          The Hotel is located a little way down Suk Soi 15 & is a 4 star


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            Location: Krabi
            Name: Pavilion Queens Bay
            Rating: 3 Star

            Do not stay here, its a cruddy Hotel. The Hotel is closed during the quiet season as it is not located next to the beach and bookings are low so it's not worth them opening. As such your room will stink of dust from having been locked up unused & not aired for 6 months. I supposedly had an upgraded room but felt depressed as I sat on the toilet that the neighbouring property could look into

            Only highlight was the pool, but this had a bare electrical wire about 1/2 a meter above the water where a light fitting used to be. The Thai massage girls were bored shitless and did zero trade as the massage price was a complete rip off. No channels on tv, but I do remember there was 'Universal Channel' & that was about it! No complimentary breakfast, no complementary Wifi

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              "no complementary Wifi"

              All hotels should offer
              complementary Wifi these days.
              It costs them f all.


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                Avoid lodgings that say "No Israeli's", if you are Israeli. You can however walk into a bar that says "No Arabs/ Muslims", sit down with your bessie mate and order a cool water to share and lingeringly cherish, while you await your 40 virgins.


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                  Its bad luck for the 20% of Israelis that are also Arabs.

                  But I guess for most of them, hotels in Thailand not wanting to serve them is the least of their problems.


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                    I recommend, The Mercure, Siam location. Next to MBK and next to the MRT. The rooftop pool was amazing with awesome views esp. at night. The food and bar on the rooftop were also excellent. I hash tagged a pic of the pool on social media and was given 50% off the food. Good wifi, clean and nice room with small sofa, big tv, and shower.


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                      Udon Thani. Mucho Che Manta. 2016 decided to stop off on the way back from Laos and wanted something fairly central.

                      I blame They claimed it was reduced from 1400 to 680.




                      We were in one of about a dozen rooms occupied




                      Nice view



                      Everything was deserted




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                        Wow! What a Dump!

                        680 baht would be the absolute tops moi would spend.

                        Those curtains in the room really give the place a nice touch!
                        God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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                          ^Yeah, dump is right. lol

                          A few pics I took of The Mercure, rooftop pool and view off the end of the pool looking left in Bangkok.


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                            Was just like Ghost Ship, but in a hotel

                            Missed breakfast. God knows what it would've been


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                              ^I never use, I like I like how I can just reserve and cancel if I need to for many hotels and I get a 10% discount because I'm a genius member as I've used them so much.


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