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Grand Palace in Bangkok

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  • Grand Palace in Bangkok

    Payont Thanasatirakul/Getty Images

    Temple of the Emerald Buddha

    Also known as Wat Phra Kaew, this is considered the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand and houses a statue of the Emerald Buddha, which was crafted in the 14th century.

    The Buddha (which is carved from green jade and set against gold-gilded sculptures) always wears a robe, which the king personally changes every season.

    It doesn't get more blinged-out than this.

    Prasit Rodphan/Getty Images

    Chakri Maha Prasat

    This was once the residence of King Rama V in the late 1800s and served as a reception area for guests.

    It features a combination of European architecture with a traditional Thai roof, while the inside is home to elaborate decorations inspired by the European Renaissance.

    These days the building serves various state functions and royal ceremonies.

    Payont Thanasatirakul/Getty Images

    Dusit Maha Prasat Hall

    Built in 1790, this is one of the most elegant public buildings to this day that remains true to its time.

    Built in the shape of a tall mountain to represent Mount Meru (the mythological center of the universe), the interior has a large mother-of-pearl throne along with a matching bed, which are primarily used as the lying-in-state place for kings, queens, and other royal family members.

    Richard Nebesky/Getty Images

    Amarinda Hall

    Stemming back to 1785, this hall was used for certain state ceremonies, such as the king's birthday.

    It's main feature is a throne that sits under a nine-tiered white canopy, flanked by two seven-tiered umbrellas and backed by a boat-shaped altar.

    DeAgostini/Getty Images

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    Brings back a few memories of a tour I did around the Grand Palace with my first thai g/f.
    Still got the old 35mm negatives somewhere
    Remember the place was packed with sightseers .
    Remarkable features to see, and yes, the Emerald Buddah tops things off.


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      The secret for seeing the Emerald Buddha is get your ticket as the place opens. Go straight to the Emerald Buddha. You'll have about 30 minutes of the place to yourself before the hoards arrive.


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        Originally posted by Dr Earl View Post
        The secret for seeing the Emerald Buddha is get your ticket as the place opens. Go straight to the Emerald Buddha. You'll have about 30 minutes of the place to yourself before the hoards arrive.
        These tourist places are so over run these days, forget it.

        Reminds me when you went to Ankhor Wat in Cambodia and you had to get there like 5am before the tourists arrived.

        Better hed to a place w/out too many farang tourists like Little Kho Chang off Ranong.
        God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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          I remember my first to trip to the Grand Palace. I probably snapped 300 or so pics. It was not real busy and I got a lot of nice shots. That was with a traditional camera, not a digital. Those pics are lost and I wish I could find them.


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            Even tho I have lived in BKK for about 12 yrs prior to moving to Udon 7 yrs ago, I have never been to the grand palace or Jim Thompsons house, I hesitate to be the quintessential 'I have been every where man', but I have been most of the places I ever wanted to go.
            Walked on the Gt wall before it had many tourists in the early 80's, buck house, Eiffel Tower, Empire state, Venice the list goes on. So I suspect I have seen the best on my travels at a time when most of it was before the great tourist rush, so now I am content to sit in my chair and watch most it on the net.
            I now dislike tourists and tourist areas.


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              Grand Palace is outstanding in all area. The first time I went to Grand Palace I was strongly amazed by the overall structure plus I feel blessed when I entered the place. For me touring inside the Grand Palace was an experienced that you will forever treasure.


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                I went to the palace in 2007. It was ornamental.

                Never been to Jim Thompson's house on the klong, but I drove past it once.


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                  Been to all these places back in the late 80s when I first moved to Thailand. Not so many tourists back then, although Tuk Tuk drivers had a scam where they would tell you that the Grand Palace was closed for a few hours and they would insist on driving you around instead. I just ignored them and walked right in.


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                    Sure, the Grand Palace should be explored and wondered upon.
                    It has it's place.

                    Aside from personal interests, I might find the numerous and historic palaces; mansions; and villas of royalty past - must of which are museums and historic sites today - to be of greater appeal.


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