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  • Lampang area.

    Any of you members live in or near Lampang? My missus house is there and where we call home. Love the area. Just far enough away from Chiang Mai but can ride moto there for anything I might need. Downtown Lampang is quite a nice place. Loads of Thai history there.

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    I visited a orphanage just outside of Lapmpang. You cannot get much rural that that province!


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      Originally posted by Desert Bull View Post
      I visited a orphanage just outside of Lapmpang. You cannot get much rural that that province!
      shes trys dumping the kids as far away *** poss


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        I like Lampang, was never a fan of the main city but never really checked it out much. To me it seemed old, boring and conjested the few times I drove through. Willing to be proven wrong though.

        I really like the little town of Kho Kha. It has a few nice temples and a guest house we like to stay at, and 2 really nice big Thai style restaurants. They have the horse riding which the little girl loves, and those markets outside that big temple.

        We've stayted in Kho Kha while doing the same road trip a few times; start in Lamphun and take the 106 through the guts up to Li and the Mae Ping national park, and come out in Thoen, Lampgang, which takes you to Kho Kha and the main road.

        So what's so good about Lampang city?

        I kind of like it here in Lamphun. It's pretty quiet on the falang side but a young vibrant Thai scene around where we live. An easy 30 minute drive to Chiang Mai and not far the other way to Lampang. I can see Lampang growing in the future as Chiang Mai becomes more conjested and less of the lazy backwater it used to be. Already noticing a lot of old timers from Chiang Mai moving out here to Lamphun. I guess you see a bit of the same in Lampang. But here in Lamphun you're close enough to go out to a falang restaurant in Chiang Mai and come home the same night. What do you do in Lampang when you get bored and need a fix of falang cultre?