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Khon Kaen air pollution toxic?

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  • Khon Kaen air pollution toxic?

    I have been checking out the Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) website lately, as we are thinking of getting a place near Khon Kaen. The reading the other day was in the 700s and I thought it was an error - but when I checked again today it was at 833 !!

    Reading the tables it states that under 50 the air quality is 'Good', and then it has increasing levels of bad air quality categories, up to a maximum of 300 (Hazardous). So what the hell is 800+ when 300+ is the maximum and is hazardous. 800+ must be outright toxic.

    Chiang Mai is at 165 today, which falls into the category of 'Unhealthy' and having lived in Chiang Mai for a while I can say that would be right at this time of year. But what the hell is going on in Khon Kaen? The measuring device in inside the University I believe - are the students playing games with the meter? Have they put it next to the kitchen burning outlet or something? Is it next to the main highway/road and getting false readings from the trucks going past?

    The only other places on the AQI world map that are above KK are in NE China (900s) - but those are huge cities which are full of factories pumping crap into the air 24x7. There is no where near the same amount of factories in Khon Kaen - so why the extremely high readings? Anyone know what is going on with the air quality in Khon Kaen.
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    Must be a broken instrument. Chiang Mai is a bit funky at the moment because it lies in a valley and a winter temperature inversion stops the pollution from circulating away. Khun Kaen is on a flat plain. Nothing to hold in local pollution.
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