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  • Robinson in Surin

    Has our bass akwards city of Surin emerged into the real world? I have yet to make it here.

    What are the attractions there? English movies? Farang food? Tops Supermarket?

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    Always considered Surin to be real without the Western conveniences and whatnot...this certainly would apply to broader Isaan.

    Just a perspective.


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      My first ever thai girlfriend was from just outside Surin, on the road to Burriram.

      Never actually got out there to check it out.

      My second and last thai girlfriend was from near Udon Thani, west of the city, Wua So, again never made it out there.

      Still crosses my mind now and again that I should make the effort and go take a look at those places


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        Do they have a taco bell, mcdonalds or burger king in the mall?


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          Originally posted by thetoad View Post
          Do they have a taco bell, mcdonalds or burger king in the mall?
          You come all the way to Thailand for McCrappy?


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              The short answer is no. They don't have any of those fast food outlets. Shame because occasionally I wouldn't mind some. Unlike some of these pretend Thais (farang that want to be) there are some farang that do occasionally like to eat this. Just because you live here doesn't mean you have to shun all western food or ideas. This is the attitude I have seen over the years of blokes who have been here for 5 minutes and think they are Thais. Well understand boys you never will be. Not in the eyes of the Thai people and most assuredly in the eyes of the government. Only in your eyes. But if that makes you feel better so be it. But don't bag a guy because he asks a question about what shops are available in a mall.