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Chinese tourists flocking to but not for sex

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  • Chinese tourists flocking to but not for sex

    Peter Janssen
    Saturday, 10 February, 2018

    Kevin Ding

    Mark Bowling

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      Still hate Chinese tourists though.

      Most are just primitive mud hut dwelling peasants who, thanks to the economy, happen to have cash on them and a passport. They haven't even sussed out toilet paper yet.
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        Agree with Pat - Chinese Tourists are not a good thing IMO. Too many and too quickly - they are crowding out everywhere they go. When I first came to Thailand I visited the Palace and it was a little crowded. When we visited in 2016 (well before King passed) it was impossible to get around - there were hordes of Chinese tourists everywhere - and they were loud and rude and ignorant.

        And it is not just Thailand - it is every country in the world. Australia in 2000 had about 200,000 Chinese tourists and now they are the largest single group (1.5 million PA) and growing fast.

        I am not sure that they will in the long be good for Thailand or anywhere they go. Perhaps it is a passing thing for 10 years, and like the hordes of US tourists years ago that swamped the world, more and more of the Chinese will stay home and spend their holidays in China.
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          In 2005 the TAT gleefully announced it was targeting the chinese market. The ignorant Thais thought that millions of rich affluent tourists would be flocking, as they look up to the chinks and assume all are like the elite in the echelons of Thai heirachy. Oh how they are suffering now. Low end, not spending much cash, zero dollar tours, filth, litter and shit/piss, serves them right. Bring back the white sex tourists who provide cash for the various mafias out of pocket in places like Pattaya.


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            Gives a bad name to Hong Kongers, who are fairly civilised in comparison


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