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Koh Chang and the HTMS Chang

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  • BaitongBoy
    Nice pics...

    How much per night for Santhiya Tree Koh Chang Resort?...

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  • harrymsmarkle
    Thanks for beautiful pics (yours) and local information. Personally, I'm done with Thai beaches/resorts/high prices/poor quality and other aspects of vacations here. I'm happy to holiday elsewhere in the (non-Muslim) region or farther afield.

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  • S Landreth
    started a topic Koh Chang and the HTMS Chang

    Koh Chang and the HTMS Chang

    I think it has been over ten years since our last visit to Koh Chang and it has changed more than I had anticipated. This visit was short as will be this thread but I hope informative.

    Main purpose of the visit was a dive on the HTMS Chang which was sunk November 22, 2012 to promote marine life (artificial reef). It is the longest shipwreck in Thailand at 100 meters and the deepest point of the wreck is about 30 meters.
    • Couple pictures around the HTMS Chang (murky water)

    A Cuttlefish: This one was kind enough remain stationary. Its camouflage is great (

    A Blue Spotted Ray:

    Hawksbill Turtle:

    Nice place. Staff was wonderful and the food was excellent although we only ate dinner there twice during our visit. We did celebrate Loi Krathong at the resort. Most other evenings we were we out visiting the island.

    I will say this about the island, everyone who we met or came in contact with would go out of their way to help and were well-mannered. However, if I had a large enough boat (with living quarters) I would not have stepped on the island.
    • A suggestion. If you are stuck on the island and would like a nice dinner out I would suggest a sunset dinner. We did a sunset dinner on the island my first visit (10 plus years ago) but at a different location. It was also nice.

    Where to reserve a sunset dinner: