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Jomtien - things to do?

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  • Jomtien - things to do?

    Any advice on where to go and what to do?

    What are some decent farang restaurants and some unique and classy Thai ones - ones with a view maybe or a nice atmosphere.

    Are pries normally 3 times the Thai price around here?
    Thai massage - 750 baht for 2 hours?
    1 fried egg, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 pieces of average toast, a small cup of week coffee and a small glass of processed OJ for 160 baht?
    Taxi ride to Patters 1000 baht?

    Give me the low down on Jomtien!! TIA

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    You'll be fine hangin around dongtan beach, especially after dark, only drawback is you wake up with a sore arse


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