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Jet-skis wrangle more Patong sand space with new zones

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  • Jet-skis wrangle more Patong sand space with new zones

    Jet-skis wrangle more Patong sand space with new zones

    Patong Beach will now have four jet-ski and parasailing zones, and five swimming zones.
    Photo: Kritsada Mueanhawong

    PHUKET: Two jet-ski and parasailing zones and two swimming zones have been added to Patong Beach to fulfill the needs of tourists, Governor Nisit Jansomwong told the Phuket Gazette yesterday.

    When the zones were first established last year (story here

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    And even more for jet-ski operators to exploit even more opportunities for a scam.
    Never -ending isn't it? This is the Thai way......


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      Thailand Must End Jet-Ski Takeover
      Alan Morison and Chutima Sidasathian
      Sunday, June 21, 2015

      Phuket Marine 5 Chief Phuripat Theerakulpisut with DG Dr Jula Sukmanop
      Photo by

      PHUKET: Pressure is mounting for Thailand's national government to intervene to ban jet-skis on Phuket.

      The noisy, polluting machines are disliked by the vast majority of tourists and banned in Phuket's neighboring provinces.

      Yet the island's most popular swimming beach, Patong, has virtually been taken over by jet-ski operators with any official limits proving pointless.

      The jet-ski operators now virtually rule the beach. The boundary buoys that once marked where jet-skis could go have vanished.

      In an exclusive interview with Phuketwan this week, the Director-General of the Marine Department, Dr Jula Sukmanop, on a visit to Phuket, admitted that there were no laws that allowed jet-skis to be properly registered or hired out legally to tourists.

      Phuketwan believes the jet-ski operators of Phuket appear to have unusual influence that works against the best interests of the holiday island and its future.

      A Phuket where jet-skis were banned would set new standards for environmental friendliness and encourage tourists to return to a destination where nature takes precedence.

      The mystery is how and why jet-skis, once due to be phased out on Phuket over seven years, have been allowed to grow in number and spread to places where they were - and sometimes still are - banned.

      Phuketwan believes that advocates of the jet-skis have lobbied administrators and persuaded them that jet-ski are something that tourists want.

      The exact opposite is true, as local newspaper polls show time and time again. The vast majority of people want Phuket's beaches cleared of jet-skis.

      Dr Jula was unable to provide a justification for the jet-skis being on Phuket's beaches, other than saying that the machines, despite the fact they were not legal, needed to be recorded and insured for the safety of the tourists.

      Many years ago, the present Chief of Marine Office 5, Phuripat Theerakulpisut, was involved in the meetings aimed at phasing out the jet-skis.

      But it never happened. Scams, intimidation and rip-offs have continued without interruption.

      Because jet-ski insurance does not cover more than 50,000 baht in damage or time out of the water, altercations with tourists inevitably involve excessive claims and often are accompanied by threats.

      Since his return to Phuket, Khun Phuripat has been a consistent advocate for the jet-skis despite being repeatedly made aware of the thuggery and intimidation that continues to occur, especially at Patong beach.

      Back in 2010, Khun Phuripat told Phuketwan: ''How they are controlled is the key. Jet-ski are not only bad.

      ''If we just stopped and kicked them out, that would be easy.

      ''The hard part is how to keep them on our side, and follow regulations. If they will get kicked out, they will go to other occupations and maybe make trouble.

      ''Corruption begins when people are not earning enough. The existing problems can be solved by good management. Everything we have to solve together.''

      We believe that time is up on Khun Phuripat's attempts to control the jet-skis.

      Since 2010, it has been clearly proven that the jet-skis remain illegal and cannot be controlled and that the only rational solution is for them to go.

      This would bring Phuket in line with its wiser neighboring provinces of Phang Nga and Krabi, where jet-skis have been banned for years.

      With Thailand's military still in power and able to enforce their decisions, any potential dangers should no longer be a reason for not ridding Phuket of jet-skis. Now is the right time.


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        Originally posted by Mid View Post

        Back in 2010, Khun Phuripat told Phuketwan: ''How they are controlled is the key. Jet-ski are not only bad.
        And of course in theory he's perfectly right.

        Jet skis aren't bad in any way shape or form, and there's more than enough sea for them to be enjoyed by the people who like them without upsetting the people who don't.

        However, seeing as he nor anybody else is capable of managing them in such a way, the only logical solution is for them to be banned completely.

        Shame really but there you are. Always a small few ruining things for everybody else. The way of the world.


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          Hey Dr Jula, look to your right and there is the problem, why not look into his finances.

          Just more lip service, c*ntry is governed by monkeys with wallets.


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