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The New George Carlin Documentary/Bio

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  • The New George Carlin Documentary/Bio

    George Carlin's American Dream: What George Meant To Me | Featurette | HBO - YouTube

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    Jon And Judd Apatow On Why George Carlin Still Resonates | The Problem With Jon Stewart Podcast - YouTube

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      "I used to be Irish Catholic, now I'm an American. You know, you grow."

      Elevators. Nothing to do in an elevator except...
      not look at the other guy.
      Watch the numerals going up.
      Stare at your shoes.

      Pretend you don't smell Laundries diaper.


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        But when you really think about it Sir Laundry was the Class Clown. Nothing wrong with that. Hell I used to be Irish know, you grow.
        I used to fiddle with my backstreet music for a black onix. My tar room absorbed every eco.


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          OK, I'll bite. I've Bible that is old. Not to say it's old as Hell but the proverbs are.
          One comes to mind often for me at this stage of the game. And it is written like this " wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging and who ever is deceived thereby is not wise."
          So, with that in mindind I've played the fool and so far felt I'm winning the game. I was supposed to go to one of our houses today to finish pulling my stuff out as I used it for a half way house when I worked at Port Washington Power Plant.
          I stil hold a Chief Power Plant Operating Engineer License but no longer need or use it! Happy new year. I'm loving it as I'm living on Tulsa Time!
          Might just hit Laos and try teaching physics or thermal plastics as I am a journeyman in that field as well.
          Hope all is well on your end and as always piece out.....the fish.


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