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A new era for FIFA?

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  • A new era for FIFA?

    I can't help but think that FIFA is exaggerating their hand here too. Football's governing body is reportedly looking to double the $15 billion it already receives from EA Sports, and EA itself thinks it might be better off without the FIFA brand.
    Of course, FIFA will be looking to sell the license to another publisher. We will still see FIFA games. And, to be fair, we desperately need someone to give this tired format a fresh spin. But who is it? Konami has taken the leap from its storied Pro Evolution Soccer franchise, debuting a free-to-play redesign called eFootball, though improvements are yet to come. Check out u7buy for cheap fut 22 coins.
    Does Konami have the kind of money EA has been hesitating to buy a license for FIFA eFootball? maybe not. Also, in the Pro Evo era, over the years, his whole problem was that he thrived despite the lack of the official license that FIFA vaunted. How about sports interaction?
    His extensive knowledge of teams, clubs and players around the world is legendary. In fact, it's great that real-world teams buy scouting data. But Football Manager is a management simulation. You don't shoot, you choose the player who shoots. Is the company ready for the challenge? I suspect.
    Even if someone took a gamble - perhaps a new developer with strong backing and bigger ambitions - who would actually be in the new FIFA? Who wants to play a football game with only international teams, without a good club game license. As EA Sports has already said, he will only miss the World Cup once every four years. Everything else at EA Sports FC will live on through a solid array of other licenses and partnerships.
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