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10 hours of walking

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  • 10 hours of walking

    More entertaining than this crap

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    Is the second one meant to be "entertaining"?
    “Don’t get sick of me just yet, for I will be here for quite a while”


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      I don't know whether its meant to be entertaining, probably but don't make the mistake of assuming NVC represents the US.
      It doesn't! it represents attitudes in NYC only, of one goes to large cities on the west coast or other population centers on the east coast, one would get an entirely different response.
      I lived for a time in Richmond Virginia and a nicer bunch of people one would not find, courtesy and common sense manners were the norm, they would never disturb or verbally harass a women walking by herself. Only in NYC would one routinely comes across this. But then again I am not a "seppo"


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