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  • “What I'm thinking is: here I am, lying under a haystack ... The tiny little place I occupy is so small in relation to the rest of space where I am not and where it's none of my business; and the amount of time which I'll succeed in living is so insignificant by comparison with the eternity where I haven't been and never will be ... And yet in this atom, in this mathematical point, the blood circulates, the brain works and even desires something as well... What sheer ugliness! What sheer nonsense!”

    ― Ivan S. Turgenev, Fathers and Sons


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      • Heh...

        “Among Chinese Singaporeans and Malaysians, many hold the belief that when Admiral Cheng Ho landed in Nanyang, he relieved himself in the jungle, and the steaming puddle of shit and piss evolved into the durian tree. To put it less elegantly, the mounds of flesh inside the durian resemble a row of little turds, resting neatly in a boat-shaped husk.”

        ― Wong Yoon Wah, Durians Are Not the Only Fruit


        • “Because I have experienced pain, I am able to embrace the pain of others. Because I have made mistakes, I am able to forgive others their mistakes. May my suffering become the seed of compassion.”

          ― Haemin Sunim


          • “I came into the world with two priceless advantages: good health and a love of learning. When I left school at the age of fifteen I was halfway through the tenth grade.

            I left for two reasons, economic necessity being the first of them. More important was that school was interfering with my education.”

            ― Louis L'Amour, Education of a Wandering Man


            • From September 1, 1939 by W. H. Auden

              All I have is a voice
              To undo the folded lie,
              The romantic lie in the brain
              Of the sensual man-in-the-street
              And the lie of Authority
              Whose buildings grope the sky:
              There is no such thing as the State
              And no one exists alone;
              Hunger allows no choice
              To the citizen or the police;
              We must love one another or die.

              Defenseless under the night
              Our world in stupor lies;
              Yet, dotted everywhere,
              Ironic points of light
              Flash out wherever the Just
              Exchange their messages:
              May I, composed like them
              Of Eros and of dust,
              Beleaguered by the same
              Negation and despair,
              Show an affirming flame.
              Can you imagine watching CNN on purpose?


              • “I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.”

                ― Hermann Hesse


                • “Don't you understand that we need to be childish in order to understand? Only a child sees things with perfect clarity, because it hasn't developed all those filters which prevent us from seeing things that we don't expect to see.”

                  ― Douglas Adams, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency


                  • “We pass through the present with our eyes blindfolded. We are permitted merely to sense and guess at what we are actually experiencing. Only later when the cloth is untied can we glance at the past and find out what we have experienced and what meaning it has.”

                    ― Milan Kundera, Laughable Loves


                    • “When compared to the fact that he might very well be dead by this time tomorrow, whether he was courageous or not today was pointless, empty. When compared to the fact that he might be dead tomorrow, everything was pointless.

                      It just didn't make any difference. It was pointless to the tree, it was pointless to every man in his outfit, pointless to everybody in the whole world. Who cared? It was not pointless only to him; and when he was dead, when he ceased to exist, it would be pointless to him too. More important: Not only would it be pointless, it would have been pointless all along.

                      This was an obscure and rather difficult point to grasp. Understanding of it kept slipping in and out on the edges of his mind. It flickered, changing its time sense and tenses. At those moments when he understood it, it left him with a very hollow feeling.”

                      ― James Jones, The Thin Red Line


                      • “I admit that reason is a small and feeble flame, a flickering torch by stumblers carried in the star-less night, - blown and flared by passion's storm, - and yet, it is the only light. Extinguish that, and nought remains.”

                        ― Robert G. Ingersoll


                        • One time ago a crazy dream came to me
                          I dreamt I was walkin’ into World War Three
                          I went to the doctor the very next day
                          To see what kinda words he could say
                          He said it was a bad dream
                          I wouldn’t worry ’bout it none, though
                          Them old dreams are only in your head — Dylan
                          Can you imagine watching CNN on purpose?


                          • “I want to take everything I've seen and thought and learned and reduce them and relate them and refine them until I have something of meaning, something of use. And I can't seem to do it.”

                            ― John Steinbeck, Sweet Thursday


                            • “There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness. We must have felt what it is to die, Morrel, that we may appreciate the enjoyments of life.

                              Live, then, and be happy, beloved children of my heart, and never forget, that until the day God will deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is contained in these two words, 'Wait and Hope.'”

                              ― Alexandre Dumas


                              • “I believe compassion to be one of the few things we can practice that will bring immediate and long-term happiness to our lives. I’m not talking about the short-term gratification of pleasures like sex, drugs or gambling (though I’m not knocking them), but something that will bring true and lasting happiness. The kind that sticks.”

                                ― His Holiness the Dalai Lama