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    Trailer For A PRAYER BEFORE DAWN Sends Us To Thai Prison
    Jacob Knight
    Nov. 01, 2017

    Joe Cole's gonna have to fight his way out. A Prayer Before Dawn is a chronicle of that training - shot in a real Thai prison with a cast of primarily real inmates, the first trailer promises a rather grueling, violent experience that looks like Nic Refn remade Midnight Express.

    Since their inception, A24 has been alternating between releasing off the beaten path genre projects and flat out classics, such as Under the Skin, The Lobster, Spring Breakers and this year's The Florida Project A Prayer Before Dawn looks like it fits into the former category, as Joe Cole (also of A24's Green Room) transforms himself into the real-life fighter.

    A Prayer Before Dawn looks brutal and intense (and got great reviews out of Cannes). This writer personally can't wait to see it when the film drops in 2018.

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      Looks good, but couldn't find a place to download it last night.


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        A Prayer Before Dawn I Exclusive Behind The Scenes


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            Petty career crim and scumbag who did 15 years in 22 prisons, a real pest apparently who even nicked stuff in KP. KP might be very unpleasant but it's not the hell hole the film suggests, 2 in laws worked there for years in the education dept. He only did less than two years then got transferred back to UK to do a few more months, they were probably glad to see the back of him. Oh yeah and to top it all off before he got nicked for handling stolen goods e was a tefler in CM.


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              It just dawned on me that I read this a few years ago. I really enjoyed it as I recall.


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