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    God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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      Makes sense to me. Leia, what do you think?

      God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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        God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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          Just another ordinary day in Floor-A-Der...
          God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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            Good! What an azzhole, eh?
            God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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              Bodycam Footage Exists of Andrew Gillum Meth Orgy

              Found the video here. Discretion advised!

              The Andrew Gillum hotel party?
              God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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                God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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                  Florida man arrested after allegedly stealing 66 rolls of toilet paper from hotel

                  A Florida man was arrested in Orlando for allegedly stealing 66 rolls of toilet paper from a hotel amid a nationwide shortage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

                  A security guard for the Marriott Hotel in Orlando reportedly saw Angel Hernandezcinto, 31, pushing a trash can and bag inside his van, according to a Friday report from Fox 35 Orlando.

                  God, the panic within the Dems, MSM, and left must be horrifying...realizing that Joe is really the best they've got.


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                    Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Is A F**king Moron

                    In a bizarre press conference, Florida's governor earmarked live pro wrestling as an essential service in his state because people are tired of seeing reruns.

                    The hell with the pandemic and the death toll, people are tired of watching old sporting events on the MLB network.

                    "People are starved for content," he said as if his constituents are all five years old and are throwing tantrums because their toys have been taken away.

                    "Since the beginning of March -- here we are in the middle of April that people are being told to stay closer to the house, it sure does help to have some fresh things to be able to do," DeSantis said in a serious tone.

                    Like many Americans, I'm a sports junkie, but I think I can go without my hockey playoffs, NCAA, football and MLB seasons if it means that I, my family, and the rest of America will not be infected with a virus that has killed over 26,000 Americans so far.

                    "We are watching reruns from like early 2000s." DeSantis said

                    Oh God forbid and heavens to Betsy -- say it ain't so.

                    Floridians deserve the representatives they voted for. Or perhaps that election was stolen, too?

                    We have an imbecile in the White House and a chucklehead as governor of Florida.:

                    Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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                      MIAMI - Police in Florida have arrested a man who threatened to go on a shooting rampage in his local supermarket because he thought too few shoppers were wearing protective masks against the coronavirus.

                      Robert Kovner, 62, was arrested after he posted on Facebook that he would "empty every clip I own" in his local Publix supermarket because not enough customers were wearing protective face coverings, police said.

                      "Will it take shooting a few of you selfish A-holes in the parking lot to get the message through?" Kovner was reported to have posted on social media.

                      "Trust me, the virus is not the only thing that may cause your demise!"

                      Police in Sebring, some 85 miles (135 kilometers) south of Orlando, said that "these are stressful times, but there is no excuse for making threats like this."

                      Florida has some of the laxest gun laws in the United States, a country rife with mass shootings and where the right to possess guns is guaranteed by the constitution.

                      Gun shops have been listed as essential services during the pandemic and have racked up record sales since March.

                      Following federal guidelines, Florida recommends the use of masks in public spaces to prevent the spread of the disease, but face coverings are not obligatory outside of cities like Miami and Miami Beach, whose mayors have ordered them to be worn in enclosed spaces that are open to the public.

                      By Friday, Florida had recorded more than 24,000 cases of coronavirus, with 680 deaths.

                      Kovner was charged with threatening to carry out a mass shooting. A police spokesman told AFP he was released on $30,000 bail and that his weapons were confiscated.

                      I visited TC a few times as a guest but had to stop. It is a sickening place. - Aging One


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                        Its subject matter? Jacksonville reopening its beaches.

                        Curry defined essential activities the same way DeSantis defined them in a previous executive order: walking, hiking, fishing, running, swimming, taking care of pets and surfing. Gatherings of 50 or more people are prohibited and people must still practice social distancing.

                        Other beaches across Florida, such as those in Pinellas County, remain closed.

                        Bettemidler - Florida reopened some beaches today & they were packed. I guess in a way it makes perfect Florida-sense. To try to get a little sun so you look healthy at your funeral.#FloridaMorons

               - -

                        Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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                          Meanwhile, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) has painted a picture of a transparent government staying up-to-date on the coronavirus death toll.

                          Florida has more than 35,000 reported cases of the virus, with more than 1,300 reported deaths. That number is likely higher.

                          Meanwhile, DeSantis is already making plans to reopen Florida businesses.: -
                          Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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                            As Florida re-opens, COVID-19 data chief gets sidelined and researchers cry foul

                            Rebekah Jones is the architect of Florida's COVID-19 dashboard

                            Late last Friday, the architect and manager of Florida's COVID-19 dashboard — praised by White House officials for its accessibility — announced that she had been removed from her post, causing outcry from independent researchers now worried about government censorship.

                            The dashboard has been a one-stop shop for researchers, the media and the public to access and download tables of COVID-19 cases, testing and death data to analyze freely. It had been widely hailed as a shining example of transparency and accessibility.

                            But over the last few weeks it had "crashed" and gone offline; data has gone missing without explanation and access to the underlying data sheets has become increasingly difficult.

                            The site was created by a team of Florida Department of Health data scientists and public health officers headed by Rebekah Jones. She announced last week her removal as of May 5 in a heartfelt farewell note emailed to researchers and other members of the public who had signed up to receive updates on the data portal.

                            Citing "reasons beyond my division’s control," Jones said her office is no longer managing the dashboard, is no longer involved in publication, fixing errors or answering questions "in any shape or form."

                            She warned that she does not know what the new team's intentions are for data access, including "what data they are now restricting."

                            "I understand, appreciate, and even share your concern about all the dramatic changes that have occurred and those that are yet to come," she wrote.

                            "As a word of caution, I would not expect the new team to continue the same level of accessibility and transparency that I made central to the process during the first two months. After all, my commitment to both is largely (arguably entirely) the reason I am no longer managing it."

                            Jones signed off, "It was great working with you guys. Good luck, and stay safe."

                            Jones did not respond to emailed requests to comment and the Department of Health did not reply to inquiries from FLORIDA TODAY regarding Jones' removal and access to data.

                            But researchers who have relied on unobstructed access to underlying raw data said they interpret Jones' removal as a clear indication of government censorship of science.

                            "We would not accept this lack of transparency for any other natural disaster, so why are we willing to accept it here?" said Jennifer Larsen, a researcher at the University of Central Florida's LabX.

                            Jones' removal and changes to the dashboard access is especially unusual given that the dashboard was lauded in April on CBS' Face the Nation by Dr. Deborah Birx, a top official of President Donald Trump's coronavirus task force.

                            "If you go to the Florida Public Health website on COVID, they’ve been able to show their communities’ cases and tests district by district, county by county, ZIP code by ZIP code," Birx said. "That’s the kind of knowledge and power we need to put into the hands of American people so that they can see where the virus is, where the cases are, and make decisions."

                            Jones was also profiled by Esri, the software company that provides the product used to build the interactive visualization.

                            "Jones packaged data for academic and private researchers who are also creating models to help predict and explore impacts," the company wrote.

                            “If you look at our data services, there’s a lot of publicly available data, because it’s critical information,” Jones said at the time. “The efforts in the academic community to do serious data modeling are crucial right now.”

                            Data access has not worsened further, yet, but researchers are sounding the alarm in response to Jones' email.

                            Restricting the data, UCF's Larsen said, is the equivalent of cutting off hurricane forecasts as a storm approached.

                            "It's all of us being denied access to what we need to know to be safe," she continued, adding "it's just absurd that this is being treated differently than any other threat to Floridians."

                            Professor Ben D. Sawyer, who is the director of LabX at UCF — a team of researchers, data scientists and engineers working to understand patterns in Florida's COVID-19 data that have practical applications — fears the data will become less available.

                            "The ability of scientists to help is directly related to how much access we're given to data," he said, warning that with less raw data, scientists will be able to produce less accurate, less useful work.

                            There's also "the worry that the scientists within government who can access the full data are being actively censored," he said."That's a real worry."

                            When Sawyer and Larsen tried requesting the previously available underlying data, DOH officials said that because the data are "provisional" no such requests would be considered until May 2021.

                            Yet the state regularly publishes provisional data, including for infectious diseases such as influenza.

                            "Transparent, unfettered access to valid and granular data is central to effective disease control and prevention," wrote Jay Wolfson, a Senior Associate Dean at the University of South Florida's Morsani College of Medicine.

                            While Wolfson does not advocate for data to be released in an uncontrolled manner, he said limitations on raw data or "provisional data" should simply be qualified. "Good science does this routinely."

                            For Wolfson there are at least two explanations behind restricting data. One is if the data are "too flawed" to be useful. The other "is that the data reveal information that could be disturbing or contrary to stated narratives."

                            "Either case poses dilemmas for the very way the public’s business is being conducted. And while economic measures are vitally important to the health of the state, the health of the people of the state ultimately determines the state’ economic success," Wolfson wrote.

                            Asal M. Johnson, an assistant Professor of Public Health at Stetson University, has also been frustrated with decreasing data access.

                            "If we can not download data, further analysis becomes increasingly difficult as you can not easily calculate incidence and prevalence rates. This type of independent research by universities is critical as it can help tax payers and residents to make informed decisions regarding their actions," she wrote in an email.

                            Johnson also was dismayed that racial and ethnic data has been consistently excluded from Florida's line listing of cases. Such data was reported by medical examiners, but that data table has also been censored by the Department of Health.

                            Citizens have a right to the data, Johnson said, and making it less accessible "further complicates the control of COVID-19."

                            As to why the DOH is restricting access to data at this time, Johnson could only speculate: "To undermine evidence-based decision making to prioritize (the) economy."

                            "However, they are pretending that public health is what has damaged (the) economy. They are getting it wrong; the economy is damaged because we ignored evidence to protect public health," she wrote, adding "They think they can save their own political interest by restricting information."

                            "If the governor and his team are not pleased with speculations like this, then they have no choice but being transparent. We, as Florida residents, have right to have access to clear and easy to analyze information."

                            Sawyer at UCF tends to agree.

                            "The worry is that Florida is open. And if that goes poorly, they don't want data available that shows it is in the process of going poorly. I don't know that that's true, but that is my worry."

                            For Larsen, if the politics of Governor Ron DeSantis' reopening Florida are at play, it's a no-win situation.

                            "The virus doesn't really give a damn if you hide its numbers.":

                            Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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                              Ron DeSantis on climbing coronavirus case numbers: ‘We’re not rolling back’

                              As the number of Florida coronavirus cases continues to climb and after his own administration announced that those who work at elder-care facilities must now be tested, Gov. Ron DeSantis said Tuesday he’s not considering another shutdown.

                              “We’re not rolling back,” DeSantis said during a news conference when asked whether he would consider stopping some reopening efforts. “The reason we did the mitigation was to protect the hospital system.”

                              On Tuesday, Florida reported 2,783 new coronavirus cases, more than it has ever recorded in a single day. It was the fourth time in six days that the state reported a record number of cases.

                              Those numbers have made national headlines, particularly because Jacksonville was recently picked to be the last-minute site of several high-profile Republican National Convention events at the end of August.

                              Although reported cases are on the rise, the state has averaged between 30 and 40 deaths per day since early May. DeSantis started reopening parts of the state on May 4.:

                              Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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                                And the majority of Floridians voted this idiot into office,……….
                                • Florida Governor Ripped For Trying To Pin COVID-19 Spike On Hispanic Workers

                                Farmworker advocates called Ron DeSantis’ comments “shameful” after he said “overwhelmingly Hispanic” laborers were spreading the disease.

                                Angry health experts and worker advocates fired back Friday after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) said that “overwhelmingly Hispanic” day laborers and agricultural workers are a key driver of a record spike in the state’s COVID-19 cases.

                                DeSantis, who was one of the last governors in the nation to issue a statewide stay-at-home order and one of the first to reopen the economy, told reporters Tuesday that the surge was mostly among nursing homes, construction workers and other day laborers and farmworkers. Last week he said that “the No. 1 outbreak we’ve seen is in agricultural communities.”

                                “Some of these guys go to work in a school bus, and they’re are all just packed there like sardines, going across Palm Beach County or some of these other places, and there’s just all these opportunities to have transmission,” DeSantis said Tuesday.

                                Check out his comments concerning the “overwhelmingly Hispanic” workers in the video below at the 10:00 and 23:30 marks.

                                He was fact-checked by Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, a Democrat, who said the majority of farmworkers left the state weeks ago after harvests, and that cases are spiking in nonagricultural areas, The Tampa Bay Times reported.

                                Farmworker advocates ripped the governor for a racist blame-the-victims strategy in a state where employers are required to provide few protections for farmworkers and Florida has offered little outreach to a vulnerable population with poor access to health care and hygienic living conditions.

                                Antonio Tovar, executive director of the Farmworker Association of Florida, blasted the comments as “shameful,” and told The News Service in Florida that a coalition of 50 groups had begged the governor for help for the community back in April.

                                “From day one we asked for help for farmworkers, none came,” Lourdes Villanueva, the director of farmworker advocacy for Redlands Christian Migrant Association, told The Tampa Bay Times. “It’s always about blaming the less fortunate and the ones that cannot defend themselves.”

                                The Florida Health Department reported 3,207 new cases of the coronavirus on Thursday, marking the largest daily increase since early March. As of Thursday, Florida has recorded over 85,000 cases and at least 3,061 deaths. The recent spike is triggering concerns that Florida could become the new American epicenter for the virus.

                                The state health department did not provide data, case ZIP codes or maps to the Miami Herald to supply evidence backing the governor’s claim that COVID-19 is highest in Florida’s agricultural communities, the Herald reported.

                                Franco Ripple, a spokesman for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, accused the governor of “cherry-picking data” to scapegoat farmworkers. Much of the rise in new cases since June 10 has occurred in counties where there is little agriculture, Ripple noted, according to the Herald. “Naming rural and farm communities as a main driver” of the disease is “not accurate,” he said.

                                DeSantis last week seemed to downplay the growing number of cases in the state by noting that they were appearing largely in specific communities, such as among farmworkers — and in nursing homes. He jokingly referred to Florida in April as “God’s waiting room” because of the large number of elderly residents in the state, who are particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus.:

                                • Yankees, Mets to move spring training to New York City/Florida is turning back into a Covid-19 hot spot.

                                The state of Florida has seen an increase in Covid-19 cases, and that might be resulting in shutting down Major League Baseball spring training before it can even restart. New York governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Saturday that the Yankees and Mets will be holding any eventual spring training in New York City at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field.

                                Florida reported reported 4,049 new cases of Covid-19 on Saturday, setting a new record for the third straight day. On Friday, the Phillies shut down their facility in Clearwater, and that was followed shortly later by the Blue Jays doing the same thing in Dunedin. Other teams have released statements about not opening facilities for the time being.:

                                Keep your friends close and your enemies closer


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